6 Ways To Spring Clean Your Social Media For Spiritual Awareness Month

by Anthony Bowles

Spiritual Awareness Month is officially here, which has many of us wondering what it means and how we should celebrate it (and what color we are supposed to wear).

With the constant pressures of daily life and everything that ranges from work to laundry to family to cooking to waiting for the train and so many other things that require our energy, the purpose of Spiritual Awareness Month is to allow ourselves to re-energize, self-reflect and re-connect with our inner Zen and spiritual being.

Regardless of what faith you believe in, most of us believe in the power of prayer and that someone above is watching over us.

How can we even appreciate the daily blessings life continues to give us if we are constantly socially connected, not spiritually connected?

Scientists have proven our physical, mental and emotional well-beings are all equally important and connected to each other, and the power of meditation and prayer is extremely powerful in reducing stress and anxiety.

So, we should take a moment to unplug the laptops, turn off the iPhones and focus on ourselves without refreshing the popular page on Instagram every five minutes.

Millennials are constantly on the go, on the phone and on the Internet, but never really taking time for themselves, except for selfies.

What happens after a long day? How do we cope? How do we manage? How do we reflect?

Today, we vent in 140 characters on Twitter, spew our thoughts in hateful blog messages or spend hours texting our friends in group chat messages.

Let's take this time to restart, refresh and rejuvenate our inner selves because there is so much more to life than social media.

While social media has been a great way for us to keep in touch with family and friends who are not local, it has hurt us because we practically live online, and as a result, we check in with ourselves less often.

Shama Hyder, founder and CEO of the of the award-winning Marketing Zen Group and bestselling author of "The Zen of Social Media Marketing," has some new tips for Millennials about “spring cleaning” their digital portfolios in order to find their inner Zen and become less stressed: Clarify your goals. What do you want to accomplish with your digital “spring cleaning” online? Use your time better? Enhance your online image?

Google yourself

Find out what others can discover about you and ask yourself whether this is the light you want to be seen in.

Set your pages to private

Simply setting your page to private can restrict what the outside world sees.

You can even go a step further by restricting “tagging” on your Facebook page.

By doing this, you can review all tags before they show up on your profile and you're no longer in the stressful, unpredictable situation where a “friend” posts an unwanted photo of you.

Be present when active online

Do you state too much information about your life online? If you want to keep aspects of your life private, take a step back and think before you post.

When you feel yourself start to over share, simply ask yourself three questions: Is this kind? Is this necessary? How does this benefit me?

Eliminate accounts

Delete accounts that are time drains and those for which you don’t have productive strategies.

Visualize your ideal social media presence. If your old email, groups, apps, events and like are not on par, get rid of them.

Amplify what works

Hone in on a few online tools that work for you and amplify your time and energy there for maximum productivity.