Why Spirituality Is One Of The Greatest Gifts You Can Give Yourself


So many people think that being spiritual means bypassing your “crazy” emotions to achieve a state of peace and tranquility.

There are many people who even have rooms in their homes set aside for meditation and yoga, and yet, they are still highly suppressed when it comes to actually feeling.

The truth is, spirituality isn’t about how many books you read about chakras, auras and angels.

Rather, it's about embracing your humanness. This includes all of who you are, not just the parts you think are acceptable.

The best thing about being a human is how vulnerable we truly are. True strength means being brave enough to open our hearts to feel and really experience all of life.

We often only want to experience some parts that life has to offer because we have placed judgment on being pained, angry, sad, jealous, etc. We are emotional creatures, and we should celebrate this, not shame ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with being sad.

Pain often tells us what it is we should address in our lives so we can claim that part of ourselves and feel more whole. Pain is not something to numb or push away with distractions.

They key is to become emotionally available and give yourself permission to feel whatever you’re going through. Do not suppress it because you think it’s wrong to feel depressed, anxious, angry, etc. There is no actual “right” or “wrong” way to feel.

All that exists is truth.

So many of us are living an illusion instead of honoring what is truly happening inside of us. We have become a society of fake martyrs who think being kind means being polite and sucking in our feelings for the sake of others.

The biggest thing you can do for the world is be kind and truthful to yourself. This does not make you selfish in any way because you are actually giving others permission to do the same.

It really is true that if you heal yourself, you heal the world. The more we can engage and love ourselves, the more we can do the same for others.

Spirituality is about honoring your truth and being the most “you” that you can be.

Don’t let the opinions of others dim your light or quiet your song. Sing at the top of your lungs so everyone can hear you.

While meditation and prayer are very helpful with silencing the mind and finding your inner voice, the place where you’ll find the most freedom is right here, in your emotional body.