Just Kids: 22 Ways In Which Millennials Will Never Grow Up

by Elise Williams

"It's time to grow up."

Well, kind of.

For the most part, Millennials have a pretty good handle on how to be adults.

We don't settle, we follow our passions and we always strive to balance work and our personal lives.

We're ready to embrace responsibilities and face this world with bold hopes for the future.

At the same time, there are some things about us that will never change from when we were kids.

We just can't shake off all of our adolescence, and that's completely fine.

In fact, nine times out of 10, we're proud of all of the reasons we occasionally still act like kids.

Growing into an adult doesn't have to mean abandoning all the little quirks of childhood.

Here are 20 ways we're holding on to some of those innocent habits and pleasures:

1. We still eat candy to make ourselves happy.

Whether it’s chocolate or Sour Patch Kids, we still reach for our favorite sweets whenever we have the chance because it still makes us happy.

2. We still love Disney movies.

We still rewatch our old favorites when we have downtime, and we will go see the next one in theaters when it comes out.

3. We still get excited about bubbles.

Maybe there’s some scientific research somewhere about why bubbles make us so happy, but bubbles significantly improve literally any social occasion.

4. We still want to lick the spoon whenever someone bakes.

Whether it's raw cookie dough, cake batter or brownie mix, we never resist the urge to lick the spoon or mixer arm used to make delicious baked goods.

5. We still need naps.

Only it’s not fair because we’re too busy to take them, but if and when we do find even 15 minutes to take one, it makes all the difference.

6. We still struggle to keep our rooms clean.

We’re just too busy doing a million and a half other things to always pick up all of our clothes, make our beds and vacuum on a regular basis.

7. We still want to stay up later than we should.

And more often than not, it’s for the same reasons we wanted to stay up late when we were little.

We want to watch a movie or a TV show, our friends are staying up or we just want to feel like we don’t have to follow rules.

8. We would rather be outside.

It’s always going to be hard for us to stay stuck inside on a sunny day, and even on rainy days, we still get the urge to go run around and splash in puddles.

9. We still love baths and showers.

Never will we give up those extra minutes in the shower of just standing there and letting the water hit us well after we’re done actually cleaning ourselves.

Don't accuse us of wasting time, either.

We have extremely deep thoughts and epiphanies in the shower all the time.

10. We still love animals.

We got excited every time we saw a puppy in first grade, and we get excited every time we see one now.

We feel deprived when too much time has passed since our last trip to the zoo.

11. We still get spoiled by our grandparents.

There’s pretty much zero chance our grandparents will ever stop thinking the world of us, even during the times we feel like no one else likes us.

12. We still have big dreams.

We might not still want to be astronauts or princesses, but we have big dreams for the rest of our lives that we fully intend to pursue.

Look out, world.

13. We still love birthday parties.

What’s better than a good celebration of someone’s birthday or your birthday?

It’s always been a joyous gathering, and it only gets more joyous after we turn 21.

14. We still love sleepovers.

We've never lost appreciation of the quality time you get to spend with a friend when you stay overnight with him or her, or vice versa.

15. We still try to use The Force to get something out of reach.

We still haven’t figured out how to make it work, and we’ll probably keep trying until we’re too old to remember what The Force is.

16. We still develop crushes on people we’re too shy to talk to.

We can’t help it.

Whether it’s a friend of a friend or someone we see in a coffee shop, there’s always that one person we just can’t find the courage to talk to.

17. We still know people we wish we could fight on the playground.

Unfortunately, there are also those people we can’t stand.

If we still had recess, we'd only get suspended for it because we’d love to start a playground fight with them.

18. We still love taking a bunch of pictures.

It was the best thing ever when our moms and dads bought us disposable cameras for an event or just as a surprise.

We typically filled the roll way too quickly.

We’re still just as obsessed with taking pictures and looking through them later.

19. We still eat the same snacks.

Some of us still inhale cans of Pringles, and some of us are carrying around plastic baggies of our favorite cereal to munch on at work.

20. We're still growing up, and we're going to do great things.

There's nothing stopping us.