How The Solar Eclipse Will Manifest Changes For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Rosey Baker
Getty Images/Babak Tafreshi

On Aug. 21, we have a full scale, total solar eclipse happening at the same time as a new moon (solar eclipses always come paired with a new moon), and for the first time in 99 years, this eclipse will be visible to us here in the United States of America. And theres a lot that the solar eclipse and your zodiac sign can reveal about how you should use this sacred time. There's been a lot happening in our world today during this eclipse season. It's been sickening. It's been exhausting. It makes the things I write about feel criminally depthless, trivial, and small.

I do believe though, that we are all one collective consciousness, and that we are in this together. That we should strive to heal the parts of ourselves that reveal the divisions within the collective. I believe that if we try to better ourselves individually, we can better our world. I believe that because it makes sense to believe it, regardless of the results.

Therefore, turning to the subject of manifesting during the eclipse on Aug. 21, I would ask my readers to look inside yourselves, to consider how to use this time to manifest a better world for ALL of us. The eclipse is happening in a different house of your chart, depending upon your sign, and these houses rule over a specific area of your life.

The area of your life that the eclipse is happening in is most ripe for change, but it's important to remember that astrology is as flexible and open to interpretation as any other art form, so the following are suggestions. You can take what you want from it, and leave the rest.

Aries- The Pursuit Of Pleasure

Aries, this eclipse is in your fifth house, meaning that you'll have the opportunity to expand your pursuit of pleasure, to truly enjoy being yourself. Here's what to remember if you're vision-boarding, meditating, or just goal setting: If it feels good, do it. This is a house that supports you seeking out whatever brings you joy.

Taurus- Your Emotional Life

During this solar eclipse, you may feel inspired to explore your unconscious, the beliefs that were propped up for you throughout your childhood, that you may have adopted as a child but that no longer apply for you now.

Your fourth house is the house of your childhood beliefs, your unconscious, and your emotional life. If you have goals to set that distance you from those childhood beliefs, you need to go after them now.

Gemini- Your Immediate Environment

Gemini, this solar eclipse is in your third house of communication, and by extension, your immediate environment. The areas of your chart and life that are most ripe for manifesting include your siblings, neighbors, local travel, and the intellect. It rules social media, podcasting, reading, writing, texting, and talking.

Now is a good time to organize locally in order to make changes in the area you live in -- and to remember that the changes you make on a local level can change the world.

Cancer- Your Self-Esteem

This eclipse is happening in your second house of earned income, which is the house that rules how you gain and spend your own money and therefore, how much of it you feel you deserve.

People tend to think that money has no place in the spiritual world, but in fact, all forms of abundance do. Make changes now if you want to live a more abundant life; by doing so, you'll inspire others to do the same.

Leo- Your Self-Awareness

This eclipse is happening in your first house of SELF. This includes self-awareness, the physical body, your personality, appearance, and even your personal views on life, self-identity, and self-image.

If there are some changes you want to make in any of these categories that will change the way you are perceived by others, this is the time to make them.

Virgo: Your Spirit

The eclipse on the 21st is happening in your 12th house of spirit, your subconscious, dreams, the hidden self that exists apart from our physical everyday reality, and therefore the part of us that is the collective unconscious. This is the house of spiritual realizations.

When eclipse time comes, be very tuned in to the messages you receive during your dreams and apply those to your lives in whatever way your intuition tells you to. This is a time when you are most dialed in to your psychic hunches.

Libra- Your Community

This eclipse is occuring in your community organizations, groups, and humanitarian interests. You have a chance now to make a difference in the world, as this house is associated with the sign of Aquarius, the water bearer, bringing nourishment to those who are thirsty. You are an agent of change. Embrace your power and lead others to do the same.

Scorpio- Your Status

Now, during the solar eclipse, is a time to look forward to major changes in your career. Be on the lookout for opportunities to arise in your career that you have been working toward for a long time.

The work you've been putting in will finally, finally pay off over the next six months, as your tenth house of career, honors, awards and achievement is being lit up by this solar eclipse.

Sagittarius- Your Understanding

This eclipse is happening in your ninth house of philosophical understanding, your higher mind, and your educational pursuits. This is different than just intellectual pursuits.

This solar eclipse is asking you to take the knowledge you have acquired and to apply it, to synthesize it into action and practice.

Capricorn- Your Transformation

Sex is a transformational act, a kind of death, which leads to new life, if you're not careful. The point is, "only death can pay for life," (shout out to #GOT Season 2) and this month is all about death and rebirth. There are things in your life you will need to let go of. Things in yourself that you'll need to release. It could feel like a limb is torn off, or it could feel like a release, but you will feel it. That is all we can be sure of.

Aquarius- Your Cooperation

Look Aquarius, you don't get to stay a comfortably detached free agent forever if you want to reap the benefits of growth that come from true partnership.

This solar eclipse is going to be a time when you start to really understand the benefit of cooperation, of sharing, and of partnership. It could be through marriage, it could be through business partnership, but it will teach you how to f*cking share.

Pisces- Your Employment

The sixth house is the house of employment by others, the people you work for, the quality of the work that you do. This house also governs your ability to stay healthy, to serve yourself so that you can be of service to others.

During this solar eclipse, you may have a change of employment, you may shift your priorities so that you can better serve yourself and others.