10 Simple And Beautiful Rituals People Across The Globe Do In Order To Be Happy

Jacob Lund/Fotolia

Between the chaos of school, work, family commitments, and whatever else you have going on in your life, it can be a challenge to take care of yourself emotionally. Many tend to neglect their happiness in favor of attending to other aspects of their life, which can lead to stress and burnout. You may find yourself asking one simple question with big meaning: How can I be happy in life?

Daily stresses in your routine can turn out to be all-consuming. Thankfully, it doesn't take much to reverse the damage done by tension and grief. Even though today's world is busier than ever, it is possible to be happy in the midst of a chaotic schedule. Simple practices can make a wealth of difference, even if the act of performing them takes only a minute or two per day.

The beautiful thing about happiness is that everyone achieves it their own way. Some like to keep busy, while others prefer peace and quiet. Different cultures across the globe have their own ways of improving well being, from spending time outdoors to spending time sleeping. Here are several simple, beautiful rituals people around the world do to be happy.

1. Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil


The South American native yerba mate plant contains caffeine, much like coffee. Its stimulating properties supposedly have a rejuvenating effect when sipped in moderation. Friends in South America generally pass around a calabash bowl filled with the tea, each taking their fill.

2. Germany


Whether you indulge in gemütlichkeit with friends or family, the ultimate goal is to create a space where you feel welcome and fulfilled. Germans will do their best to make everyone feel welcome by celebrating together and creating an ultimate bonding experience. Now, it's time to raise your glasses and toast.

3. Bosnia and Herzegovina


This is a practice many of us already carry out without realizing it. A simple coffee with a friend is a key to happiness in Bosnia and Herzegovina, even though it may be overlooked in other places. Perhaps there's something deeper to this than simply talking to a friend; appreciating the little interactions we have each day can change our whole mindset.

4. Hawaii


In Hawaii, people know how to make things right. Not only do they reconcile with those they've hurt or who have hurt them, but they make peace within themselves. This is something we all should do regularly, because holding on to negative emotions has a devastating effect on the body and the mind. Instead of internalizing your anger or grief, talk it out and be open to forgiveness.

5. Nigeria


Acknowledging that you're not only an individual, but also a member of a community, can be a major motivator for anyone. It's never a bad thing to lend a hand to others, but thinking about the well being of your community will help guide you in your own life choices. It will remind you that everything you do has an effect on those around you, which means you and your actions matter just as much as those of who is sitting next to you.

6. France


To some of us, this may just sound like cocktail hour, and TBH it totally is. It's all about taking a few minutes to wind down and let go of the stress from the office before you relax with friends and family. Keeping your work and home lives separate can help keep work-related worries from taking over your life.

7. Turkey


However you choose to practice keyif, your goal should be to find a moment or two to be by yourself and unwind. You don't technically have to do this alone, but many find that solitude helps to keep you focused on the present moment. It's not easy being able to find a quiet moment in the middle of a chaotic and stressful world, but it's doable.

8. Japan


Sometimes, some fresh air is all you really need to take a break from the stressors of the world. Especially with smartphones and electronic devices everywhere you look, spending time outdoors is of utmost importance for a healthy mind. While life in the city is fleeting and fast-paced, the trees and wildlife will always be exactly where you left them, ready to help you find peace.

9. Spain


Naps are magical, wonderful things, and Spain knows it. Instead of regretting all of the naps you avoided as a child, let yourself enjoy them now when you need them. Sleep deprivation is a sure way to let yourself fall into the abyss of stress and sadness, so keep up on your Z's.

10. Norway


As many cultures have discovered, nature can work wonders for a cluttered mind. Even in the Norwegian tundra, stressed folks turn to the great outdoors for a moment of peace and relaxation. Clearly, they must be on to something.