15 Surefire Signs You've Found The Perfect College Best Friend


Throughout your college years, you'll meet countless new people. You may not speak to a lot of them ever again, but some of them will make the most incredible impact on your life. Whether you connect in class, in the dorms, during after school activities, or out on the quad, you always have a chance of meeting your new college best friend. A best friend is the most helpful tool you could possibly have during college. When you're feeling homesick or are stressed with midterms, you'll have someone to rant to. When everything is going great and you're loving life, you'll have someone by your side to make you love it even more. And let me clue you in on a little secret: There are some surefire signs you've found your college best friend you can be on the lookout for.

While friends may come in and out of your life, a best friend is sure to stick around for a lifetime. You're practically guaranteed to make some of life's most precious memories together while you're in college, so enjoy every single minute of it. If you've found your college BFF, you'll be able to answer yes to all of these things.

1. You Can Confide In Her Without Judgement

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Sometimes, you just have to vent. Other times, you may need to admit a problem to someone you care about. Whatever is going on, a best friend will be there with a helping hand, open mind, and a shoulder to cry on.

2. You Laugh At The Same Things

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When you and your bestie can appreciate humor and laugh together, you know your time with each other will always be fun. If you can share memes, tag each other in funny videos, and make inside jokes all day long, she's definitely the one. After all, what is a friendship without laughter?

3. You Laugh At Each Other


Life isn't perfect all of the time, but you also can't take everything too seriously. Laughing at each other will help you learn to be OK with the faux pas that happen in daily life. They happen to us all.

4. You Respect Each Other's Boundaries

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Sometimes, you may want to be alone or have some time alone with another friend. A bestie will understand and respect your space and desires, and you'll do the same for her in a heartbeat. When you're ready, you can go back to laughing and having fun like nobody's business.

5. You Have Interests That She Does Not, And Vice Versa

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Even though you may want to spend all your spare time with your bestie, it's healthy to have interests outside of the friendship. People learn from each other's differences, after all. That being said, a common interest or two never hurt.

6. Time Flies When You're Together

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When you're with your BFF, you'll never have enough time to say all you wanted to say or do what you wanted to do. One minute you'll be talking in the afternoon, but before you know it, it'll be dark outside. Oh well, it's not like you'd rather spend your time any other way.

7. You Can Still Be Productive Around Her

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Unfortunately, life can't always wait. Keeping up with your studies is important for both of you, so you'll have to learn to get things done instead of distracting each other. Of course a little distraction is OK, but a bestie who cares about you will let you get stuff done.

8. She's Part Of Your Family

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Whether or not she's met Mom and Dad, you consider her part of your family. She's always welcome in your home and will likely just make herself at home, anyway. You know she'd always be there for you, too, just like family would.

9. Your Nights Out Are Safe And Fun


A true best friend will not let anyone get in the way of your safety and fun. You'll watch over each other and step in if you need to, even if it means sacrificing your own fun. As long as you both make it home safely, the night is a success.

10. Your Nights In Are Just As Fun

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With your bestie, you don't need to go out to have a good time. Even if you're just watching movies at home, you're definitely having a fantastic time just being together. As long as she's there, plans don't really matter.

11. You Know How To Cheer Each Other Up

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As you get to know each other more and more, you'll learn what makes your BFF tick and what makes her laugh. Before you know it, you'll be the master of cheering her up in a way that no one else can. And you know you'll do just about anything to get her to smile.

12. You Can Cry With Each Other

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If you can't express your emotions around your bestie, she's not your bestie. With a true best friend you'll be comfortable enough to be vulnerable and emotional, because you know you won't be judged. Everyone needs some support sometimes, and a BFF will be the first to offer it.

13. She'll Stop What She's Doing To Help You


When you earn the official status of "best friend" you'll become a bigger piece of her life. Besties take priority over non-besties and acquaintances, so expect your girl to be there the moment you need her. You know you'd do the same for her, too.

14. You Can Be Honest With Each Other


A best friend will tell it like it is. If she hates the guy you're dating or thinks you're making an awful fashion choice, she'll let you know. Even if you may not want to hear it, she'll tell you what you need to hear because she wants what's best for you.

15. You Can Be Yourself Around Her

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This is the most important quality of a true friendship. You have to know with 100 percent certainty that you can be yourself and be accepted exactly as you are. If you can also accept your friend without judgement, she's probably your best friend.