28 Signs You’re Living A Normal Life And Are Completely Okay With It

by Mounia Bagha

The other day, I found a quote on Pinterest that read:

"I'm at that awkward age where half my friends are engaged and having babies and the other half are too drunk to even find their phones."

It feels like there’s no in-between anymore, and people either brag about being completely mental or absolutely with it.

But we all know life doesn’t really work that way, right?

It’s not like there's a list with a bunch of bullet points we can follow if our sole life ambition is to be labeled as a "normal" human being.

And what if the way you live your life actually seems pretty normal to you? After all, why couldn’t we come up with our very personal sense of normality based on our personal experiences?

If we did, it would look something like this:

1. You laugh way too hard at stuff others find barely funny.

2. You don’t hate your parents. Actually, your relationship with them is pretty healthy most of the time.

3. You make all sorts of wrong choices on a daily basis, ranging from a bad lunch choice to sleeping with a total prick.

4. Sometimes, you wish there could be such a thing as an autocorrect button in life.

5. Your iPod is not only filled with the good indie pop songs from that one band no one ever heard of that makes you look cool. There’s also some lame, commercial ones and you feel very comfortable with your eclectic musical taste.

6. You like sleeping. Sleep is your friend. You try to save on as many minutes of sleep you possibly can, even if it means not going out or being an overachiever.

7. It demands a lot of effort for you to try to "keep it all together."

8. You never go missing. It doesn’t make you boring, just concerned about the people would actually care about you.

9. You have dreams and high expectations. In the meantime, you also have a nine-to-five that pays the bills.

10. You make mistakes and question some of the decisions you’ve made. It doesn’t make you depressed or want to self-destruct, just an adult figuring out his or her way through life.

11. You can spend an entire weekend without drinking alcohol. At your boldest, you can even go an entire week without a sip of booze.

12. That’s because your last hangover left you puking in the toilet, and you swore you’d never drink again. As in NEVER EVER.

13. You can’t help but feel sad when others brag about passing out because you remember you were in their shoes not so long ago. You just don’t miss blacking out.

14. You have one-night stands. Yet, you're not necessarily drunk for them and you still remember their names and the nights you’ve spent with them.

15. One day you’ll start a family. Or maybe, you’ll get a dog and you’re not ashamed to say that it is kind of the same thing.

16. Even if they say money can’t buy happiness, you seriously wouldn’t mind being rich.

17. Indeed, you’re very often broke.

18. You change your mind a lot. It goes as far as you sometimes feel completely schizophrenic.

19. You’ve changed jobs twice this year. You’re not undecided, just unhappy.

20. Actually, it’s all because you have a love-hate relationship with your career expectations.

21. You love junk food and all sorts of things edible that really aren’t good for you. Still, you do try to be healthy from time to time. It just never lasts.

22. You like to be serious about life. And sometimes, you like to lose it completely and go crazy.

23. Traveling is cool… so is staying at home watching Netflix.

24. You fear technology and complain about how it completely distorted human interactions.

25. You think all of this while logging on to Facebook.

26. You still believe that meeting someone should happen face to face, not online profile to online profile.

27. The last feud between One D fans and Zayn Malik had you questioning your own sanity. Just kidding.

28. You have your own way of seeing the world and the life you’re living. To you it's normal, but you totally accept the idea that others may feel differently about your vision.