15 Signs You're Turning Into Your Mother, And It's As Hilarious As It Is Scary

by Alexa Mellardo

A mother's unconditional love is truly a blessing. But if she happens to also be very cool, street savvy, un-smothering, wise and sensible, you've hit the jackpot.

Take Lorelai Gilmore from “Gilmore Girls,” for example.

She is pretty and hip, and has navigated life by experiencing her own adversity along the way. As a single parent, Lorelai has always been there through thick and thin, to give love and advice to her daughter Rory.

But Lorelai is far from perfect. She has made mistakes in both love and life, but she's always come through in a clutch when it comes to raising Rory.

Whether or not Rory agreed with the motherly advice she received during her journey to adulthood, everything seemed to come full circle.


We all reach a certain point in life when it hits us: Mom wasn't always her age. She was once young like we are, and she actually knows what she's talking about.

This realization usually occurs when we're on our own, with real-life responsibilities, doing the adult thing.

All of a sudden, we realize we have, in fact, started to turn into our moms. Whether or not this revelation is good, bad, humorous or a bit alarming, it is what it is.

These are so many instances that prove “turning into your mom” is really a thing:

1. You may start to look like her.

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2. You may fight like her, stand up for things like her and be SO damn stubborn like her.

3. You may have the same addictions she does.


4. You may have the same weaknesses she does.

5. Sometimes, you may even follow the same path she does.

6. You may have the same passions and interests she does.

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7. You may learn her wisdom.

8. You learn how to let go.

9. You may have some of her strengths.

10. You may have her compassion.

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11. You learn how to love.

12. You may have her sense of humor.

13. You may be friendly with her friends, and they might become your own.

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14. You may learn to see things the way she does.

15. You may even dress the same.


Not only do we realize mom knows the deal, but we also may start to hear ourselves make decisions or handle circumstances in a way that startles us, since it reminds us of her.

But it's really not a bad thing.