7 Subtle Signs He'll Forever See You As The 'One Who Got Away'

If you're "the one who got away" in his eyes, he may very well be *longingly* thinking about you as we speak.

There's an unsettling feeling he can't seem to shake about not having you in his life anymore, even though he broke up with you.

Make up your mind, dude! Most girls wouldn't even consider giving a heartbreaker a second chance.

Sure, your ex-bae may have ended things for one reason or another, but now he regrets making that decision in the first place… especially if he knows you've completely moved on.

It's as if the relationship never even really happened, and that's what cuts the deepest.

Here are seven signs he'll always look at you as "the one who got away."

1. He still has you on his mind, while you've already moved on.

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You're living your best life, and you're so damn happy with where you're at.

Meanwhile, he's still hung up on you, and he regrets ending things.

2. You disowned him when he ended the relationship.


You were totally hurt, and the breakup most likely came as a complete shock to you. In order to cope, you knew in your heart cutting ties for the time being would be your best bet.

You never reached back out to him, because you wanted to stay true to your pride. But, he actually hoped you would contact him. From his side of things, it looks like it was super easy for you to get over him.

3. You heard through the grapevine he's not exclusively seeing anyone.

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Or, at least, no one he's completely head over heels about... not enough to take things to the next level, that is.

4. He low-key tries to keep himself on your radar.

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Whether he's sending you a Snapchat, or dropping several likes on your pictures, he wants to make sure you haven't forgotten about him.

5. He wants to know the DL about what's going on in your life.

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If he's a friend of a friend, or he was a member of your immediate circle, he'll try to find out the scoop on how you're doing, who you're dating, and if you're missing him. He wants answers, and he wants them now.

6. He uses holidays as a prime excuse to text you.

He'll jump on any “in” he can get. And if he was close to your family, he'll text them, too, in an attempt to get back in your good graces... because he knows they'll tell you he hit them up.

7. You forgave him, and that's what hurts him the most.

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When all is said and done, you gave him your forgiveness, because everything truly does happen for a reason. If things between the two of you were meant to be, they would.

You can finally admit to yourself and your friends (so the word gets back to him) you have no bitter feelings, because you're content with the life you've made for yourself after the breakup.

Sure, this might make him feel super crummy, because deep down, he's hoping you still want him back in your life.

But, you'll always be "the one who got away."