Men Reveal How They Lost 'The One That Got Away' And It's Pretty Heartbreaking

by Candice Jalili

Ah, "the one that got away."

We all have one of those.

I've always sort of been obsessed with the concept: the feeling of being so sure about someone, then letting them go and leave your life forever without even realizing it. There's something tragically beautiful about it to me.

If you've never experienced this, and you're still dating your high school sweetheart or whatever, just watch this Katy Perry video for a quick recap on what I'm talking about:

My boyfriend and I were discussing this relationship concept last night (weird concept to discuss with your boyfriend, I know), and we started talking about how someone lets that person go.

I mean, how does someone turn a potential "one" into "the one that got away"?

Well, I asked men on Reddit about their experiences, and their responses were just way too relatable:

He let their argument drive him away from her.

He didn't make a move, even when he had the chance.

He couldn't make up his mind.

He chose the wrong girl.

He had to go back to military training.

He let his stubbornness get the best of him.

One day, she was just gone.

What a fun, little, emotional rollercoaster we just went on, huh?! If this article has you sitting around and moping about the one that could have been, let me offer you a piece of advice.

I don't necessarily believe in the one that got away.

No, I believe that if that person was really "the one," the two of you would've made it work. I mean, the only reason a relationship ends is because someone wanted it to.

One of you didn't want to make it work. And I genuinely believe you didn't make it work because part of you knew there was someone better out there.

So hang tight. "The real one" will be there eventually — I promise!