10 Ways You And Your Significant Other Can Save For Your Next Vacation

Vacations are vital to your mental health. We all need a relaxing period to unwind.

Americans, however, aren't great at taking advantage of their allotted vacation time. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Glassdoor, Americans are only using 51 percent of their vacation time. This isn't good.

We're given this time off so that we can rejuvenate and alleviate the stresses that come with full-time employment. We shouldn't feel guilty about taking the time we're given.

We all know that vacations can be pretty pricey. The out-of-pocket costs alone could be enough to deter you from taking advantage of your vacation days and indulging in wanderlust.

In order to combat this stress and live your best life, there are simple things you and your SO can do in order to save up the much-needed extra cash to really enjoy your next vacation to the fullest.

You don't have to give up your livelihood just to save money.  Here are 10 ways you and your partner can save money for your next vacation:

1. Come up with a carefully budgeted travel plan.

Plan out exactly what you're going to need so you know how much money to save from the get-go. Consider it to be your "goal" amount. Then, add an extra $500-$1,000 to whatever amount you decide. More is always more when it comes to savings. You need to have some extra cash in case of emergencies. If you don't end up spending all of your travel money, you can put it toward a subsequent trip.

2. Start putting away $50 from every single paycheck.

Both you and your significant other should start taking out an equal sum from each of your paychecks; $50 works on any budget, so it's best to keep things even so the saving doesn't put stress on your relationship. Take that $50 and put the money into a separate travel savings account. That way you'll have the combined sum when it's time to book your tickets. At $200 a month, you'll have enough to travel with in no time at all.

3. Make all of your meals for the week together.

Eating out drains your bank account. Buying groceries will help you save big. Take the time to bond and catch up together. You're nurturing your relationship AND saving money for your big trip. With grocery store meals costing approximately $3 each, you'll end up saving a surprising amount in just a few short weeks.

4. Create a grocery list and stick to it.

In the time leading up to your much-needed trip, stick to buying groceries. Do not go the grocery store hungry. That is how you end up coming home with a cart full of assorted crackers and cheeses that you'll never actually eat. Make a grocery list with your SO and stick to it. Grocery shopping can be overwhelming and can quickly get out of hand. You don't want to be waiting in the checkout line only to discover you're dropping your travel savings on Nutella and prepackaged snacks.

5. Ditch the online shopping until you're back from vacation.

Force your online shopping addiction to take a hiatus until after you've saved enough for your vacation. Those cute kitten heels and chunky sweaters can wait until you get home. Take your credit card information offline to avoid temptation. Only buy what is needed. Clothes are not included on the list of critical items right now.

6. Have an impromptu yard sale.

Conduct a big spring cleaning, no matter the time of year. Going out of town is the perfect opportunity to get rid of all that junk you've been hoarding in the garage for the last five years. Invite all of your neighbors over and let them pick through your rummage. It's an easy way to make a few extra bucks to spend on your exciting trip.

7. Bring out the trusty change jar.

Okay, it may sound clichéd, but the change jar DOES work. Of course, this means opting to pay with cash instead of bringing out the credit card. If you drop a few quarters, dimes and nickels into a jar every day, it will soon add up to some serious cash. Once you bring it to the bank to cash in, you could be walking out with a few bills. Be every grandma ever and use the change jar to your advantage.

8. Pass on the fun activities now to enjoy the fun activities to come.

It may seem like a pain in the rear to have to give up on fun activities with friends, but you're gaining so much more in the long run. If you skip out on that $100-weekend rock climbing trip with your friends, that's $100 more to spend on your upcoming trip. You don't have to miss every single fun activity, just opt for the cheap or free options and save the more expensive ones for later.

9. Choose an "off-season" getaway.

Have flexible dates and be flexible on locations. Try to book a trip somewhere where it isn't peak tourist season. Everything is going to be cheaper. What you save on accommodations can go toward fun vacation perks like an extra cabana, a few fancy cocktails or maybe even a zip line excursion.

10. Skip hotels in favor of a vacation rental.

Hotels are crazy expensive. There's no need to ball out on a 5-star resort when you can stay at a cozy rental for a fraction of the price. With a rental, you'll be living in a real house with a real kitchen. You'll be able to cook at "home," which will allow you to save on eating out while giving you a down-to-earth experience.

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