'Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost': You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Wake Up Wondering

By Lianne Ting

At some point in your life, you’ll ask yourself a series of questions that has everything to do with your existence.

You’ll wonder why you’re here, what you’re doing, the purpose of each day, etc. You’ll start to question whether the things you do daily contribute to something greater or are merely fillers in this grand scheme of events we call life.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to find the answers. Most of the time, they’re just not there. Maybe you feel that the lack of answers is somehow a sign that you’re doomed to fail. But trust me; it’s not.

As you continue in life, you’ll realize that some moments stand still for a reason. Some moments would have given you a different future if they transpired differently.

If where you are now is somewhere you don’t want to be, just hang in there and trust that everything will make sense because eventually, everything works out okay.

It’s hard to see the light when you are in the trenches of your undesirable situation. When you don’t know which way is up or down, if you’re heading for success or heartache or if the future will really be bright, just trust it. Trust that everything will eventually make sense.

One day, you may surprise yourself because the things you previously thought to be impossible simply no longer are. If something doesn’t go your way, just believe that it’s just part of your big-picture plan and take it in stride.

Whether or not this is true is out of your hands, and staying positive is both productive and will give you peace of mind. Always see defeat as an invitation to work harder.

If you see defeat as proof that you are not good enough, you will never be good enough, so just don't allow it to ruin your spirit. Nothing great will come out of believing that you are incapable of greatness.

When you wake up not knowing what to do, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t anywhere, but just that it’s taking you a little time to lead yourself to what feels right.

Even if this takes years, you're not behind because life is not a race. As everyone else would say, it’s not about who finishes first, but rather, who makes the journey worthwhile.

Sometimes you’ll wonder why others know what they want at such young ages. Maybe you’ll wish you were more like someone else. Maybe you call yourself “messed up” and blame all kinds of things for how you turned out.

This just digs a deeper hole of sadness. Be strong in trying times; persevere through challenges and remain hopeful through uncertainty. Your mind will pave the way when your heart is strong.

In times of fear or doubt, don’t give in to your weaknesses or be too afraid to move forward. Simply trust that you will see your problem through. You are the person who must elevate yourself to success and to your own happily-ever-after. Make your own dreams come true.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It