Why Miley Cyrus Is The Quintessential Gen-Y'er

by Ashley Fern

It’s not surprising that Miley Cyrus is plastered all over the Internet and any other outlet conducive to that type of entertainment. Whether you love her or love to hate her...the fact is: she is a celebrity who cannot be ignored.

Older generations can't seem to grasp the concept of her and can't fathom why Gen-Y loves her -- but with celebrity icons, isn’t that what typically happens? You have a figure who represents a generation as an “idol” and we follow and watch her every move. She represents something that only this generation can appreciate: an outspoken woman who doesn’t give a flying F what anyone thinks about her.

She has branded herself like no other child star before her has. She is the epitome of what is “cool” today. She revolutionized her style and twerks like her life depends upon it. Her last album came out in 2010, back in her Hannah Montana days and the time between then and her Bangerz release has been the perfect window for her to rebrand herself.

Some say she is the Britney Spears of this generation, while others claim she is a disgrace -- regardless, her goals have been achieved as everyone, everywhere is essentially talking about her. You can ask anyone about Miley Cyrus and receive an aggressive response -- whether it’s positive or negative.

Miley is a true Gen-Yer so to speak, as she engages in behavior you can find rampant within this group of people. How you may ask? Take a look below.

She Celebrates Being A Hot Mess

For some reason, people today think it’s funny/fun/attractive/cool to post pictures of themselves blacked out and upside down, doing keg stands. While that is beyond impressive, I have never been able to do that in my life, is it really something to brag about? Is getting sh*tfaced and making an idiot of yourself something to be exploited? Regardless if this makes sense or not, it’s something we all do and it’s something Miley does at any given moment. We like that she embraces her craziness and outlandish behavior just like we do. I mean, she’s just being Miley.

She Rebrands Herself

If you think about it, the people who watched "Hannah Montana" are aging with Cyrus. They are "maturing" and growing just like she is and she knows that. She doesn’t want to go through life as Hannah Montana, she wants to change her image entirely and will go to whatever lengths possible in order to succeed.

“Miley Cyrus may be a hot mess, but she’s our hot mess. Her VMA performance was merely a reflection of just about every modern day American high school and college dance party. The only shock comes in Miley’s adamant attempts and successes of putting such offensive 'young people trends' on blast. Let’s be real, the term 'twerk' didn’t make it into the dictionary for nothing. No wonder I can’t discuss my qualms with Miley with a group of my peers without at least half of them squealing,” – Let Your Voice Be Heard

She Rebels Against Her Former Self

People with a squeaky clean image in their youth tend to want to divest themselves of it in the future...and this is exactly what Miley Cyrus did. She wanted to recreate herself and shed her former image by showing the world she is an adult and not the Disney Channel star they have come to know and love. She doesn’t want her fan base to be pre-pubescent adolescents, she wants star power. She can’t stop and she won’t stop.

She Doesn’t Give A F

Well if that doesn’t sum up Gen-Y, I don’t know what does. She takes absurd pictures she thinks are funny and doesn’t give a sh*t if you like them or not. She wants to emulate a badass image like so many others and succeeds beyond anything typical. She rocks a grill, twerks and she chopped all her long beautiful hair off. She is the epitome of ratchet, which is something Gen-Y strives to obtain as we basically see rules as something to be broken.

She Has Her Ups & Downs

Gen-Y has seen some f*cked up sh*t and so has Miley. We’ve had our personal ups and downs and she has had more than her fair share. We’ve done things we thought were smart at the time that we later wished we could take back. Lucky for us however, this wasn’t broadcasted all over national television. Miley -- maybe the foam finger wasn’t the best move, but hey we can all relate.

She’s Been Through A Hard Breakup

Nothing is easy with the advancement of social media and a breakup is no exception. Of course Miley’s breakup was exaggerated on a national level, but any Gen-Yer can relate to the pain she went through. Nowadays everyone is interconnected and whether you like it or not, reminders of your ex will pop up around every corner. Miley's been through it and so has this generation.

Honestly, Miley is just trying to make a name for herself in the world and isn’t that what we're all trying to do? She, just like we are, is trying to create valuable experiences that she can learn from to help better her life and career. We may not agree with every move she makes, but then again, she isn’t asking for anyone’s approval and isn’t that something that should be admired?

Top photo credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images, Bottom Photo Credit: WENN