You Are How You F*ck: What Your Favorite Sex Position Says About You

by Gigi Engle

Small things can tell you a LOT about someone’s personality. Certain signs are telling.

Whether it's a preferred wine or underwear, a zodiac sign or favorite food, there are several pointers to someone's personality. But NOTHING is more telling than someone's favorite sex position.

Sex is the most intimate act in human existence. It says countless things about you. The kind of lover you are will always reflect the kind of person you are.

There's no denying it: If you’re a selfish lover, you’re a selfish person. If you’re a lazy lover, you’re probably lazy in life.

Someone's favorite sex position is DEFINITELY a strong indicator of personality.

What's YOUR favorite position -- and, more importantly, what does it say about you?


You’re the kind of person who likes to be in control. You don’t mind getting your hands dirty as long as the job gets finished. You always get what you want.

You’re confident and elicit attention wherever you go. You’re not afraid to take charge. You know that if you take the reins, it’s going to be an epic ride.

Doggy style

You enjoy the thrill of allowing your partner to think he or she has control over you... when really, you’re running the show.

In the bedroom -- as in life -- you enjoy the idea of being dominated even as you secretly have the upper hand. You like having others serve your needs while you get secretly closer to grabbing them by the balls.

You want everyone to have a good time... as long as you finish first.


You’re super into your comfort zone. You enjoy the familiar and aren’t ashamed to say it. You like things to be close, intimate and easy. You’re not trying to rock the boat.

When it comes to your personality, you’re easygoing and relaxed. Excitement just isn’t that appealing to you. You know there’s nothing wrong with that. You like what you like, and it happens to be keeping things chill and lazy. No shame in your game.


You’re a little bit retro and a little bit "out there." You’re authentic and unapologetically your wild and unique self. You’re about bringing joy to others, and others are about bringing joy to you.

You’re a revolutionary with an eye for the inspired. You’re outgoing, vivacious and up for anything. You like to think outside of the box and ignore boundaries. Life is too short for boundaries.


You are truly daring and not afraid of a challenge. If there is a prize to be won, you are the first in line to fight for it.

You define "innovative." It’s a well-known fact that pleasurable scissoring is not an easy feat, but you are not one to shy away from something so advanced. You are a developed lover and have honed your skills perfectly.

You are a determined, strong-willed person and -- just like your favorite sex position -- you make life your bitch.

Reverse cowgirl

You’re a person who appreciates a great view of someone's behind. You’re a no-f*cks-given individual who doesn’t want anything to do with feelings.

You’re definitely an ass person, and you're into anything that involves the rump region. You’re also very nimble and flexible, which your lovers will always appreciate.

You have a lot of confidence. You are comfortable in your own skin and are extremely self-aware. Nothing is too daunting for you. You just let it all out there in the open.


You’re a genuine, classic person. Some people might consider you dull, but that’s just because they don’t appreciate your well-meaning, kind nature. You’re genuine, noble and loyal.

You aren’t afraid of commitment or intimacy. In fact, that is the type of relationship you prefer.

You know your routine and you stick to it. You don’t feel the need to get to crazy or wild with anything in life. You prefer calm seas to rocky oceans. You’re just a universally likable individual.


You love to try new things. You find them exciting, intriguing and awesome. You’re always the first person to pick up on a new trend.

Your friends always seek advice from you; they know you’ve probably already tried whatever they're unsure about.

As with pegging, you like to be in control of every situation. At the same time, you also like to assume new, unconventional roles. You wear many hats and are a great multitasker.

Standing up

You like to feel powerful and strong. It makes you happy to you get the opportunity to assert your superiority. It’s not that you’re a jerk or unlikable; you’re just charismatic and nearly always the center of attention.

You are a great lover because you always go the extra mile. "Lazy" is not a word that resonates with you. You are a winner, and you love to win.

Shower sex

You are the worst. Go home.