What Your Wine Choice Says About Your Personality

by Gigi Engle

Where there are women, there is always wine. A woman is her happiest with a long-stemmed wine glass in her hand.

Nothing makes her feel quite as elegant -- even if the red, white or pink juice of the gods happens to cost about $6 (or $3 if you’re a real trooper and go for the Two-Buck Chuck).

Every lady has her preferred label, a type of wine she fancies most, above all others. Whether she prefers white or rosy, fruity or robust -- wine has many shades and flavors -- it's as unique as each woman.

We are elusive, mysterious, complicated creatures and, for this reason, we deserve a wine that fits us like the perfect pair of Manolos. But, when it comes down to it, and there's only one kind of wine available -- white or red -- any wine is better than having no wine at all.

In vino veritas and in vino, a reflection of our personalities.

A woman’s choice of wine says a lot about her. Whether Merlot or Pinot, White Zin or Shiraz, the distinct qualities that make a woman so special are embodied in her wine, and her wine is infused with her personality.

So, raise your glass, ladies!

Cabernet Sauvignon

You are the perfect complement to a juicy steak or a juicy, masculine man. Always assertive and direct, you command discussion and want your voice to be heard.

You enjoy the classics and have a thing for old-world affairs. Just like Cameron Diaz, you only get better with age.


Merlot is often referred to as "easy to drink," just like you; you're easy to get along with. Whether in big groups or intimate gatherings, you’re always a delightful partner for table conversation.

You are always on-the-go and ready for anything. Unlike Cabernet, you're easily molded to any situation or experience. You’re also a very sensual person, deeply passionate like the dark plums and chocolate tones of your liquor.

White Zinfandel

With a high alcohol content you, Princess, like to have a good time. You’re suited for the West Coast, where you can dance in the sun and lie on white sand beaches in a big sunhat.

You’re very versatile and always up for an adventure. You fly by the seat of your pants and have an inclination toward passionate liaisons.

Pinot Noir

Very much like Disney Princess Snow White, you're fresh, elegant and graceful. You enjoy small towns as opposed to big cities, but you long to be by the sea.

You’re sweet like cherries and strawberries — but you're unique and are a challenge at every corner for the men you date because you like to have your way.


You're the life of every party you attend. You have no problem dancing on tables and throwing inhibition to the wind. You're a true free spirit. You always seem to try things before thinking about the consequences and ingest all life can give you.

You love to travel and want to see the entire world. You could easily fit in anywhere with all sorts of different people.


You're the sweetest of sweet, the nicest of nice. Though you're completely genuine, people sometimes have a hard time getting through your adorable countenance to see the real, beautiful you.

You give great advice and are always the first person friends would call if they were in trouble or going through something. You love to listen to and support your friends.

You sometimes feel a little under-appreciated because you really have a lot to offer the world, but sometimes you just end up giving your friends a headache.

Sauvignon Blanc

You’re the height of sophistication. Your heels will never be high enough and your social calendar never full enough. You’re a classic Alpha female, always in control of every aspect of your life and kicking ass at everything you do.

Herbal and a little smoky, you command attention and drip with sensuality.

Pinot Grigio

You're a highly-cultured woman with a taste for the farthest reaches of the globe. You're very spiritual and connect to the world around you with ease.

You’re easy to talk to and an infamous hopeless romantic. When you fall, you tend to fall completely. You’re free with your heart because you believe in the good in people.

While you may trust a bit too openly, you always love to the absolute fullest.


You're a voracious reader with an eye for detail. You love classic authors like Hemingway, Steinbeck and Borges.

You’re deep and soulful. You prefer the company of a few close friends rather than a crowd. You have deep thoughts about the world and find pleasure in long, profound conversation as opposed to chatty banter.


You’re the definition of a girly-girl. Men can’t get enough of you, drowning in your feminine charm and style.

You’re bubbly and personable, which makes you an ideal guest at any party. People always find you easy to be around and a pleasure to sip on.

You often attract guys in finance, making you a regular at summer beach houses in The Hamptons and on The Cape. You like sandals and sundresses and anything pink.