The Secret Fear Each Zodiac Sign Has When They're In A Relationship

by Emily Anne

Romance can inspire us, strengthen our values, and change us for the better; but it can also shine a light on our insecurities. A lot of learning about ourselves can happen when we fall in love, and what we fear in relationships can say a lot about us. Most of the time, we might not be aware that this fear is looming over us or even holding us back. Learning the dispositions of each zodiac sign can illuminate how each of us handles fear, and what we may hide even from ourselves. Here are each zodiac sign's biggest fears in a relationship. Being better aware of yours might help you stop a problem before it starts.

Aries – Being Vulnerable

Aries is the zodiac's trailblazer, happily plowing ahead on their path alone. Entering a relationship forces them to hit the brakes and let someone else inside their little world. Opening up to people feels unnatural to Aries at first.

They quite enjoy being alone and only thinking about themselves, so adding another person to their routine can take some getting used to. Aries' secret fear in relationships is exposing their true, soft selves -- so handle with care. They appear tough but need gentleness.

Taurus – Being Unsure

Don't ever be vague, trifling, or flaky with a Taurus. They need to know where they stand with people because it gives them the security they crave.

Taurus wants to know is this a fling, friends with benefits, or a committed monogamous relationship -- the last thing they want is a big question mark about any relationship. Taurus rules possessions and values, so if you're with them, they want to have 100 percent of you, no questions asked.

Gemini – Being Attached

Gemini, being a flighty air sign, naturally resists being tied down. Their fear is forming dependency and connection with someone else — it's a lot of responsibility and expectation.

It takes a lot of time (and thinking) for Gemini to feel safe settling down with someone. Geminis fear stillness and attachment, and like their sister sign Sagittarius, hate the thought of being confined in any way. Keep it lively, and they'll be much more comfortable.

Cancer – Being Unappreciated

Cancer's big fear in relationships is giving their heart and soul, only to be met with indifference or ungratefulness. They love people hard; it's natural to them. Like the mother archetype, Cancer can be sweet or smothering.

They just need a partner who acknowledges their effort and makes them feel special in return. Being distant or tight-lipped will only confuse them or hurt them, so be vocal about how you feel.

Leo – Being Eclipsed

Leos are great in relationships, but their big fear is having their partner eclipse them or dim their light. Being the fifth sign, they rule the fifth House of romance, lovers, and self-expression; they adore being in love.

Leos just don't want to change the way they express themselves; they feel that true love is powerful enough to encompass two unique individuals. Leos should learn that adapting to the partner isn't always a detriment. Sometimes, the sun gives the moon the spotlight.

Virgo – Being Not Enough

Virgos maybe not-so-secret fear in relationships is not measuring up to expectations. Being a sign of duty and humility, Virgo takes relationships seriously and wants to the best partner ever. The high expectations placed on themselves can confuse their lover – since Virgo is a catch!

Their perfectionistic tendencies exacerbate this inferiority complex. Trust that you are loveable.

Libra – Being Real

Libras are great at small talk, putting on a happy face, and speaking without revealing much about themselves. But in serious relationships, they eventually have to show every single side of themselves -- even the ugly ones. Libra's fear is having someone out there actually know the real them. They hate the thought of anyone witnessing their negative traits — they always want to seem cool and calm. Once they learn that true love doesn't judge, they'll get over it.

Scorpio – Being Too Happy

Everyone knows Scorpio's fear betrayal, but one of their secret fears is being… happy. Scorpios live their life as if every experience is life or death. They're so used to ups and downs, so when they finally enter a happy relationship, they don't know what to do. Scorpios fear that it's too good to be true, and may get paranoid or destructive because it's all they know.

Embrace happiness, Scorpio!

Sagittarius – Being Boring/Bored

Sagittarius' big fear in relationships is being boring or bored. They don't want the same old routine; they want passion and adventure every day. Sag is reluctant to enter serious relationships because they don't want their life to be slowed down by someone else.

They have such energy and aim high, like their glyph of the archer's arrow. As long as their partner isn't a big ball and chain, Sag will come around.

Capricorn – Being Made a Fool

Capricorns are proud people, they care about how the public perceives them. Their big fear is being betrayed by their partner and having other people know about it, making them look weak or victimized. Caps want to experience pain privately and personally.

It may sound silly, but Capricorn carries a lot of pressure on their shoulders. When they choose a partner, they invest time, money, and their heart. If someone takes advantage of that, they feel like a fool for falling for it.

Aquarius – Being Typical

The last thing Aquarius wants is to be one of the “normal” couples. They don't care about prom, rings, or the average milestones. Ask them on a date during a rare concert, kiss them right after seeing a shooting star, find an exotic local restaurant that becomes “your place.”

Aquarius wants their relationship to be completely progressive and authentic -- no phony photoshoots or #WCW/#MCM posts (unless there's a really good picture of them).

Pisces – Being Used

Pisces is one of the most loving and accepting signs, and this comes with its good and bad aspects. People who need healing approach Pisces, and being the kind souls they are, Pisces wants to help. So in relationships, they rightfully fear people using them.

Emotional labor is real, and Pisces will always give endless help and support to their partner. It's up to the partner to return the love; it's on Pisces to work on boundaries.