Scientists Finally Break Down Exactly What The Perfect High Is Like

Weed isn't all about how high you get. Of course, effectiveness is ideal, but it's about purity and how what you are smoking yields balanced effects. It's all about making the judgement call on what weed you're smoking now vs. the "perfect weed" for you.

The Global Drug Survey partnered with The Huffington Post and surveyed over 38,000 users around the globe and comfort and functional highs take the cake. There are 21 states that have legalized medical marijuana, and only two (Colorado and Washington) have legalized recreational marijuana.

With this anonymous survey, business owners, growers and those who participate in regulated marketplaces can better analyze their demographic's needs and design better plants.

According to the Global Drug Survey:

“There appears to be a paradox in the way people describe their perfect cannabis. This is because most the effects of being 'high' are due to THC, but higher doses of this drug are associated with more negative psychological effects.

"So while they want a preparation with overall more pleasurable effects, they also describe wanting less of the negative effects that are also due to THC such as sedation, munchies, memory impairment, restlessness.

"It might well be what they are describing is a high potency THC containing preparation balanced by CBD which is missing from many current strains.”

As you can see in the chart below, users want their cannabis to have a distinct, strong and pure flavor and allow them to remain concentrated.

I'm sure you have experienced super-potent weed that left you with a "weed hangover," coughing the morning after and even paranoia during.

Personally, the initial experience of smoking strong weed is preferred, with strong physical and psychological effects, but I think its long-term effects keep people like myself from leading the most active lifestyle.

What type of weed are you getting? What is your ideal cannabis?

via Lexichronic, Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr