9 Reasons Sagittarians Are The Most Driven People In The Zodiac

by Hunter Bui

Sagittarius-born people gallop their way through life at full speed, cutting to the chase without taking shortcuts.

Instincts allow Sagittarius-born people to be more dynamic, and their positive outlook on life can grow to be contagious.

As the ninth sign of the horoscope, here are nine reasons why we are the most inspiring people to be around:

1. We have killer instincts.

As one of the only horoscopes represented by a hybrid – half human, half horse – creature, we possess strong animal instincts to support our creative mindset.

As Jupiter is the ruling planet for the Sagittarius, individuals of this sign often listen to their inner feelings as Jupiter is one of the most intuitive planets.

Jupiter is also the king of the Roman gods, making him an equivalent to Zeus.

Power and royalty isn't an entitlement for the Sagittarius, but it can often be a very reasonable goal attained through hard work.

2. We are optimistic by nature.

Sagittarius people are always looking up, which is why the sign is represented by a centaur pointing a bow toward the heavens.

We understand hanging our head low and shooting below our potential gets us nowhere.

As fire is the element that represents this star sign, Sagittarius-born people are adaptable and can mold negative situations into positive opportunities.

Everything is mutable, and the Sagittarius knows how to mold everything to his or her advantage.

3. We can't sit still.

With so much energy (as represented by the element of fire), Sagittarius-born people can often be restless and even impatient, especially since they are one of the most active signs in the horoscope.

They are also striving to see their work through to the end and have a hard time resting, as they are constantly thinking about improving.

This results in the Sagittarius' desire for freedom and dislike for being confined to one place for too long.

4. We are straight-up sharpshooters.

Sagittarius-born people are very straight-to-the-point.

This could mean harsh comments and tough love, mainly because the Sagittarius doesn't believe in doing things indirectly, as there is always an end goal to meet.

This should not be taken the wrong way, however, since the end result is intended to benefit the receiver.

5. We propel ourselves from the past.

The Sagittarius naturally gets over things easily and leaves painful memories where they belong: in the past.

This allows us, being the true hunters we are, to never accept the role of the victim or the target.

Much like a bow and arrow, Sagittarius-born people let go of things that pull them back so they can propel forward, usually with unstoppable drive.

6. We always have a target.

Sagittarians always have an endgame in mind and always strive toward fulfilling that objective.

This is especially evident in the Sagittarius' ability to push through the long roads, despite how impatient he or she may be.

7. We can aim from long distances.

Centaurs were considered intellectual in Roman mythology, and the modern spiritual archer has adopted this trait.

With a clear mind that is only filled with what's important, the Sagittarius sees the bigger picture and believes everything is for the greater good.

This also results in their curiosity for endless knowledge and unparalleled truth.

Sagittarius-born people often are very forgiving because of this and don't let the petty happenings of the present disturb the near or distant future.

8. We don't believe in procrastination.

Sagittarius-born people, just like fire, tend to spring from one thing to the other, catching on to new experiences and tasks.

This often accumulates to a full plate, one which the Sagittarius may find hard to juggle, but he or she is well and truly void of all procrastination because of this.

9. We accept the hunt never ends.

Let it not be mistaken that the Sagittarius only has one distant target in their wider scope of the future.

Sagittarius-born people understand and accept that meeting one goal does not mean the end of the hunt but rather, the start of a new game entirely.

Just like centaurs, the Sagittarius enjoys the process of the hunt much more than the reward itself.

Surrounding yourself with Sagittarius-born people can have a positive impact, both on your mindset and on your actions.

Their fiery attitude is contagious like a bow coupled with an arsenal of infinite arrows.