Resolutions Everyone Should Make In 2013

2013 is upon us, which means it’s time for us to sit down and seriously contemplate the changes we are going to make in our lives in the near future. I’m not talking about your typical ‘Lose 10 pounds’ New Year’s Resolutions; I’m talking about seriously reaching new levels of personal evolution and development.

Truth be told, these are virtues that everyone should implement into their lives everyday, yet we don’t. Why is this? Why do we not live our lives by the following expectations every single day?

Thankfully, the New Year is about leaving behind the past. Let’s not focus on why we didn’t do these things in 2012 and instead concentrate on how this is a new year and we will for sure be living it in an Elite fashion everyday.

Be Assertive

I hate shy and lazy people. Fear is simply a four-letter word. Stop worrying about hurting someone’s feelings, stop being timid, stop being careful and stop waiting around for opportunities to fall into your lap.

In 2013, I want to see all of you being assertive. Be a bitch. Be confident, be aggressive. Be forward. Stay humble, but at the same time, understand your worth. Know that you’re always capable of so much more. Realize that keeping quiet and hanging out amongst the shadows will get you nowhere.

Work Hard Towards A Goal

Hard work pays off, even if you screw a lot of it up at first. Keep practicing the craft in which you want to perfect and eventually you'll attract the attention of those who can help you get where you want to be. You will discover that working hard will surprisingly put your mind to rest, because you will find comfort in knowing you are making the best use of your time and brain at this crucial period in your life.

Don't expect the work to be easy, it's going to be hard and you're going to get discouraged many times along the way. If it wasn’t hard you would already have it completed, and so would everyone else. That's why it is a test. You won't immediately see external results, but as painful as it is, your intellect and skill level will grow each hour you put in working towards your goal.

Stand Out

Be loud and make your presence known. Wear what you want if no one else is wearing it. Listen to what you like even if that music goes against the norm. Tell people how unique you are. Let everyone know that there is not one other person in this world who is quite like you, and own it.

Be proud of your individuality and be ubiquitous. The Elite don’t conform and they sure as hell don’t stand back. I want others to be impressed with your confidence and how much you stand out. The next time someone asks you “what the hell are you wearing?” reply with “whatever I want to wear” and walk away with your chin up.

Ignore Self-Defeating Thoughts

You will always have that voice inside of your head that tells you you can't do what you want to do and all of your efforts to accomplish something worthwhile are actually useless. It's time to learn what it takes to be an adult and ignore that voice, no matter how loud or repetitive it may be.

Believing in yourself means not listening to any sources, internal or external, that tell you you aren't worthy or capable of reaching your goal. Any thoughts you have about giving up or choosing an easier, less fulfilling path are useless. Let self-criticism motivate you to get even better at what you want to do, let it fuel your desire to prove yourself and others wrong about what your talents are capable of.

Give Back

Loving yourself is your first and foremost responsibility, but don’t let your own well-being steal all of the love you are capable of giving. Be Elite and be successful, but give back. Help others in need in 2013. Lend your service to those who deserve it, even if it’s the slightest deed. Hold more doors open for people. Say thank you more. Offer your love and expertise as often as you can.

What’s the point of being Elite if you can’t see the beauty of helping others?

Leave the Past Where it Belongs

The past is full of your worst moments, times of your life that crippled your confidence and self-esteem. These moments will keep coming back to you, but you need to remember that they happened to somebody else, not the person you are right now. So you made a complete fool of yourself a while back. Fuck it. It happened, but it doesn't mean it will happen again.

If everybody just relied on their past to create the way they perceive the future, we would all be miserable souls with no will to live. You will never fuck up like you fucked up back then. It was bad, but you have learned from it, and you will be weary of the mistakes you made that gave birth to such painful memories.

Set a Good Example.

It’s time to let your actions determine what you think of yourself. Take advantage of each day the way you know you want to: with no regrets, wise decisions, and utterly free of anything that is harmful to your mental or physical health. To be awarded a life you have always dreamed of, you must first become worthy of such happiness by proving to yourself and the world that you deserve only the universe's best treatment.

Be proud of yourself by pushing your mind, body and soul to accomplish everything you want to accomplish in a given day. Put in the effort to impress yourself with your work ethic and courage. It will always pay off.

Over Educate Yourself

A lot of people confuse being educated with simply obtaining a college education. This is not necessarily true. Over-educate yourself with life experiences. Step out of your comfort zone and learn about a new group of people. Pick up a book on a topic you’ve never studied before and read it in your free time. Visit a museum and broaden your horizons. Have a conversation with an elder and understand their life experiences.

Life is the greatest teacher and the world is your classroom. You have the world at your feet, and it’s downright selfish to let that opportunity slip away.

Cut Out Those Who Bring You Down

Enough with keeping people in your life out of habit. Eliminate everyone from your life that doesn’t contribute to your success. If someone is not making you happy every day, helping you grow as a person, or teaching you anything new and surprising, get rid of them.

I’d rather have two true people in my life who guide me and make me feel good about myself and my future than a clique of people who do nothing for me but help fill a table at a club on the weekends. You have nothing to lose, and only so much to gain by trimming the fat.

Invest In Your Future

Yes, life is all about living in the moment. Take every day for what it is, but always look towards your future. In 2013, focus on how you can become the best version of yourself imaginable. Make wise career choices and take the necessary steps to accomplishing them. Do everything in your power to ensure that you will live an Elite existence everyday from here on out, starting right now.

Ally Sinclair | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images