5 Reasons Not To Concern Yourself With Everyone Else's Bullsh*t

Some people always seem to have a bit too much drama in their lives. And, being the sweetheart you are, these people always seem to turn to you to help them out.

You constantly have to point out to them that their actions have consequences. Then you have to hold their hand when karma comes a-calling.

After some time, you might decide to stop indulging their constant whining or pull away from the relationship.

After all, you have your own problems and you’re tired of playing the parent. But, does that make you a bad friend? Does it make you uncaring or passive aggressive?

Nobody is perfect; therefore, no friendship is perfect. We expect our friends to make mistakes. But as we get older, we also expect them to be mature enough to correct themselves.

And there is nothing wrong with deciding you have better things to do than to keep tabs on people who should know better.

It does not, by any means, make you a callous or selfish person. Instead, it makes you a perfectly reasonable human being.

In fact, there are several reasons we should all decide to stop calling people out on their bullsh*t:

They are adults.

Assuming this person is in his or her 20s or 30s, it is safe to say that he or she is expected to have some common sense.

If you are old enough to drink or rent a car, you should be old enough to know that you cannot just do or say whatever you want and expect to get away with it.

It is not your friend’s or society’s responsibility to call you out. This is the real world, compadre. Practice some self-regulation.

It is not my responsibility to point out what is obviously some bullsh*t. Just because I let it slide doesn't mean it’s okay.

It just means that I don't have the magical powers needed to help you grow up.

They’re not worth your energy.

If you've ever had a fight with a boyfriend or girlfriend, you know how emotionally draining it can be.

The back and forth, the picking apart of the details, the constant battle to prove your point.

Let's be honest, not everybody you know is worth that kind of effort. Especially if they’ve repeatedly refused to listen or admit their faults.

My energy is worth something to me. But if you decide to constantly demand and drain it, clearly it is not worth much to you and you do not deserve it.

They’re not worth your time.

Have you ever had a fight that lasted several days? And those days were completely consumed with an emotional battle, which as previously mentioned is super draining?

I for one don't have that kind of time anymore. Maybe I did in high school when I had no adult responsibilities, but with the advent of trying to build a life for myself, I find it difficult to spend even a couple hours trying to explain to someone what they should already know for themselves.

As Big Sean so eloquently put it, I got a million trillion things I would rather f*cking do...

They can't handle it.

There are some people you’d still want to help in spite of everything. Perhaps they’re very old friends you owe a lot to, or they’re your first love, or a relative.

As hard as you might try to get through to them about what they’re doing wrong, nothing seems to change.

That’s because there are some people who just can't handle the truth. They may be too insecure, emotionally unintelligent, or just in denial.

Either way, it still does not make you a bad person if you decide to leave them to fight their own battles.

Know that they might need more than some friendly guidance. They would probably be better off talking to a therapist.

It’s better to just wait it out.

When you're on the outside of a situation looking in, things can seem pretty clear and predictable. So you may just decide to wait it out and hope that the person comes to their senses.

You know that trying to reason with them might result in a lot of wasted time and energy, so instead you sit back and watch the show.

If you're watching someone you care about self-destruct, this may be difficult. But some people just need to burn to learn.

And as harsh as it sounds, it’s not your responsibility to keep everyone you know on the straight and narrow.

Sometimes you just have to mind your own business and sip your tea.