4 Undeniable Facts Of Life To Help You Recover From Any Setback

by Joe Elvin

In life, there will always be heartbreak, disappointment and despair. There's no hiding from it. People reading this article has had bad things happen to them.

There will always be ups and downs. Sometimes, during the down spells, it can feel like there's nothing else and that the suffering will never end. It can be painful, and maybe even impossible, to see a way out.

Yet, if you stay strong, a way forward will always emerge.

Humans are emotionally stronger than any other animal. You are built to bounce back.

It's not always easy, but with a little effort, the pain eventually eases.

Here are four undeniable facts of life that may hasten your recovery.

1. It's okay not to be okay.

We all have dreams and desires, whether it's a flourishing career, a loving family or something as simple as a healthy body. When these dreams are seemingly derailed, it can be devastating.

It can be even more frustrating when we don't feel better straight away, especially in this social media era when everyone around us appears to be feeling fantastic every day.

Forget about this fake reality. Accept that it's okay not to always be okay.

Shed some tears. Smash some plates. Grieve.

Get that negative energy out of you. This is the first step to feeling better after any setback.

2. You are not what happens to you.

Setbacks often occur as a result of other people's actions and opinions.

Some people have the power to rip our lives apart in a moment.

Loved ones break off relationships. Recruiters ruin our dreams. Judges select better competitors.

Remember: When you face these rejections, it's rarely a reflection of you as a person. You're still the same person, regardless of other people's opinions.

Even the mightiest earthquake can't stop you from being brilliant. You can always choose right from wrong. You can always be kind to others.

You can always be the best version of yourself, and that's all you should ever expect from yourself.

True happiness isn't in the things you have. It's in being the best person you can be.

Choose to do this every day, and you’ll always have people who love you. Even if you're robbed of every penny you have, you’ll be rich with love from others.

3. Setbacks show you're trying.

The only person not suffering from setbacks is the person not striving for success.

In fact, the world's most successful people tend to have to handle the most dramatic setbacks.

Nikola Tesla went through decades of unsuccessful experiments before inventing electric currents. Nelson Mandela was sent to prison before Africa was freed from apartheid. Roger Bannister failed to break the four-minute mile more times than he could care to remember.

Nothing that's actually worth achieving is easy. The only way any success could avoid stress, pain and heartbreak would be by giving up.

So, don't see your stumbling blocks as a bad stroke of luck. See them as necessary steps to achieving something unbelievable.

In every setback, there's at least one lesson about what doesn't work. The person who looks for these lessons gets an extra step toward his or her goal with every mistake he or she make.

4. Setbacks make you stronger.

.We all experience highs and lows in life, but it's the tragedies that shape our personalities. Once you recover, you'll emerge even more incredible than you already are.

Setbacks can create the leverage required to reach for the life you really want. Those with an easy, stress-free existence rarely have the strength to work toward an incredible one. That's what Voltaire meant when he said, "The best is the enemy of the good."

Sometimes, struggles and suffering are very useful. It may be painful in the moment, but you ultimately become stronger, smarter and more insightful. You'll often look back on a bad situation and feel blessed, as it helped you turn into this better person.

See tough times as a sign you're bound for bigger things. Use the lessons from your setbacks, and build the strength needed to succeed in the end.

All the best success stories have obstacles that need overcoming. Every superhero has to fight through tough scenarios, so stay strong. Your happy ending is just around the corner.