6 Reasons Why Staying In On Thursday Nights Is The Best

There was a time when we lived for "Thirsty Thursdays" — and how could we not? Drink specials, half-off appetizers and an excuse to get crazy on a weeknight? Who could ask for anything more?

But things have changed. These days, we much prefer to bring the party home, especially on Thursday nights. That's because between Thursday Night TV — umm, hello! TGIT! — all of our besties coming over and the river of wine that we're inevitably going to consume, staying in on a Thursday night is wayyy better than any party we've ever been to.

And after making it through the first four days of the work week, we strongly believe that everyone deserves a reward. What better way to thank yourself for your hard work than with a luxurious Thursday night shindig?

If that alone doesn't convince you that bailing on happy hour and spending Thursday night on your couch is the best (and only) option, here are some other reasons why you should embrace TGIT time as the new "me time."

1. All the best TV is on Thursday night.

Thursday night is the undisputed king of TV programming.

If you have a heart and a set of eyeballs, then missing "Grey's Anatomy," "Scandal" or "How to Get Away With Murder" isn't just a TV travesty — it's simply not an option for you. Which is why you're obviously not going to put any amount of trust in your DVR (which, let's be honest, is less reliable than your college boyfriend) and embark on other Thursday night activities.

So unless the person asking you to come out is named Olivia Pope, do yourself a favor and tell your friends you already have plans.

2. It's an excuse to start the party one day early.

It's a common misconception that the weekend starts on Friday. In theory, sure, Friday is technically the first day of the weekend. But in practice? Well, we all know that Thursday night is truly the best day to get the party started.

Who says you have to wait 'til Friday to get your squad together? Just invite your besties over, pop some bottles and embrace the celebratory vibes at home in front of the tube — it'll put you in the perfect mood to start your weekend off right.

3. You can *do you* with absolutely no judgement.

If you're not indulging in your favorite guilty pleasures on Thursday nights, you're doing it wrong. And that includes your most embarrassing vices: Maybe you like to snack on cereal straight from the box and wash it down with milk from the jug, or perhaps your thing is throwing back an entire jar of kosher dills in one sitting. Whatever it may be, you deserve to embrace your quirks — sans judgment!

So invite your best (and most nonjudgemental friends) over and slather on that homemade face mask that looks like you dived headfirst into a mud pit! Coat your hair in that experimental conditioning balm you concocted all on your own! It's time to live your best life on Thursday nights, unencumbered by haters. (They're just jealous, anyway.)

4. You'll learn to embrace a different kind of Friday hangover.

Hungover Fridays at work are the actual worst, and not just because lying supine across your desk isn't considered “professional."

But when you opt to stay home Thursday nights with your BFFs, wine and the TGIT lineup, you'll experience a different type of hangover altogether. Sure, maybe you were a little heavy-handed with your pinot grigio pours, but your REAL hangover will reveal itself in the form of what we like to call a cliffhangover.

What's a cliffhangover, you ask? It's defined as your inevitable dazed mental state come Friday morning, when you're still processing and recovering from all of the out-of-control OMG moments that TGIT left you with on Thursday night.

PSA: An egg-and-cheese sandwich isn't going to cure you this time.

5. You don't have to wear real clothes, because ugh.

Come on: After four full days of business casual, who wants to wear anything besides sweatpants and that old college hoodie? Going home from work on a Thursday, only to change into a more dressy, less comfy look to go out in should actually be illegal.

Embrace the comfort and choose sweats. We can't promise they'll feel as comfy as Meredith Grey's scrubs look, but we can promise that you won't be sorry.

6. It's the perfect night to reward yourself for all the adulting you've done this week.

You've spent the entire week catching up on all the tedious chores that come along with being an adult.

And now that the laundry is washed and folded, the bills are paid and the house is clean, treat yourself to a Thursday night filled with everything that makes you feel spoiled. That includes booze, any snack you can dream of and your guiltiest TV pleasures.

If TGIT has taught us anything, it's that being bad feels oh-so-good.

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