How Do You Spend Your Time? What It Means To Maintain Quality Control On Your Life


In our day-to-day lives, quality is definitely something we seek. Be it the carefully selected coffee we’ve found to be superior, our durable and stylish clothing, or our high-speed Internet, as consumers, we naturally seek good deals, genuine bargains and the best bang for our buck.

I grew up with the mindset that money is not to be wasted; it's best to shop around and find what I want at the best price and quality I can possibly get. I don’t want to be ripped off or smothered in buyer’s remorse, so I seek out what’s truly worth my cash.

Regarding this sentiment and life, I wonder if it all has to do with quality control. I can be quite picky with my expenses, but what about how I spend my time? How I expend my energy? In what kind of environments I place myself? What are my decisions costing me?

It seems that our keen eye for values doesn’t always stretch to the lack of material features in life. All too often, I think there’s an inclination to settle, "to get by" and to feel undeserving or unmotivated to strive for more.

I'm slowly but surely beginning to realize that any time spent being unhappy, dissatisfied or frustrated is time completely squandered. More importantly, this isn't how life is meant to be.

Taking a close look and questioning what standard of quality we have across life is important for making cost-effective changes. Time management, relationships, thinking patterns, habits – they all contribute to how life plays out and the experiences that we bring to ourselves.

If the quality is lacking from any angle, the finished product will, of course, feel unsatisfactory. Unfortunately, if you go looking for the receipt for the mess in which you’ve found yourself, you’ll realize that you have both bought and sold this to yourself.

Time and how we spend it is definitely an area where we need more quality control. How much time is frittered away and how much is savored and enjoyed?

I’ve recently been wishing it away, unable to cope with current situations; I want it to always be the weekend, or holiday time or literally any time but right now.

So, not only is the quality of my time poor, it’s also unappreciated and barely really felt. I'm just enduring everything until the hard stuff is over.

But, what I really want from my time is to get the best possible bang for my buck. I want to maximize the joy, fun and learning in my life. I want to be completely satisfied with my decisions and the situations in which I find myself.

Time spent worrying and stressing? Nope, there’s no quality in that. So, I want to find solutions, instead. I want to be dreaming and planning and getting excited about where I am now and where I’ll be next.

It’s easy to spend life half-assing everything. It’s easy to complain that life’s hard and it’s not how we planned it. But, that kind of thinking costs us a lot of valuable enjoyment. Right now is a good time to change — two minutes from now is, too.

What’s most important to realize is that you are the consumer here; your time is what you make of it, so spend it carefully and cleverly. Try different ways to use it; discover what works best and keep your standards high. Wishing it away will just be a sure-fire way to piss you off when there’s none left.

People are assets to our lives, but how many high-quality relationships do we really have? People have an incredible power to either enhance or devalue our experiences.

To make our relationships worthwhile and enriching, they need work and nurturing. How much quality do we have in our daily connections? Do we even consider them to be quality?

There are so many aspects of life that are allowed to remain at unsubstantial levels. The gossipy information we take in and the reruns we keep watching... how are they serving us?

Life has the potential to have immeasurable quality. It can provide happiness and satisfaction that wholly ensures us that we have true value. But, it won't just show up on our doorsteps.

You must be that annoyingly specific customer who knows exactly what he or she wants. You must know where to find it and then you must pay what you think it’s worth.

The best things in life may cost you more, but they will last extensively longer and come with a genuine a satisfaction guarantee.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr