There Are 2 Types Of People: Those Who Press Snooze And Those Who Don't

Nothing serves as a greater metaphor for human beings than the snooze button.

There are the early birds, and there are those who would give up the worm for a few more minutes in bed. There are those who like to be lazy and those who like to be productive.

The people who press the snooze button view an alarm as a mere suggestion, a silly inconvenience goading them to face another dreary day. Those who forgo the snooze button see an alarm for what it is: a signal to begin the day and get life moving.

You either press the snooze button, or you don't; there is no in-between.

There are people who succumb to comfort, and there are people who fight for productivity.

It is those who desperately crave those few extra minutes who are going to press snooze when it reawakens them every ten minutes. The day can wait; sleep is most important. Bed is BAE.

Those who don't press the snooze button would rather start their days with pizazz and spark. They fight off the impending morning drowsiness in order to start the day, get moving and be productive.

Those who skip snooze are the ones who are at the office early, feeling accomplished and making the most of their mornings.

Those who fancy pressing snooze are likely running behind, sluggish and disoriented.

There are people who dream of the future, and there are people who live in the now.

People who press snooze see the future as a concern to be dealt with far down the line.

Those who choose to accept the frenzy of the morning hours live in the present. They are the ones who skip snooze in favor of coffee, a cold shower and hard work.

There are people who are dreamers and wanderers, and there are people who are go-getters and doers. The first press snooze; the latter do not.

There are people who procrastinate, and there are people who follow a checklist.

The people pressing snooze are the people procrastinating in most areas of life. Right from the get-go, at the start of the day, these are the people who are a few steps behind schedule.

Procrastinators are actively putting off the inevitable.

The people who don't press snooze have their days coordinated and planned ahead of time. They are generally Type A people, often keeping itemized checklists.

They're also frequently riddled with anxiety if things aren't accomplished ahead of time and according to plan.

There are people who would rather rush, and there are people who like to take their time.

If you're pressing snooze, you're going to have much less time to get yourself together and get to work in the morning.

The snooze button is for people who would rather get some extra shut-eye than be on time; they're consequently panicked and rushed out the door.

For those who don't press snooze, they likely have a morning routine, during which they have their coffee, check their emails and mentally prepare for the day.

These people are the planners whereas those who press the snooze button are the wildcards.

There are people who wait for opportunities, and there are people who create them.

In this world, there are people who go with the flow, and there are people who grab life by the horns.

The people who press snooze are the ones who let life happen to them. The people who don't press snooze are making life happen.

Certain people sit idly by and wait for things to work out; they don't feel the need to get involved in their own lives and shake things up.

Other people are out there making an impact with force and precision. They are skipping the snooze button and jumping on the train to productivity.

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