How To Prepare A Manifestation Ritual For This Week's Strawberry Moon

Nathan French

On June 9, we'll be welcoming in the strawberry moon, known as a mini-moon (because it's like a cute, little full moon) and it's going to be a ripe opportunity to welcome in the opportunities and goals you've manifested over the last six months.

The full moon on June 9 will appear as the smallest full moon of 2017, because it will occur when the moon is the farthest full moon from Earth. It's been called the micro-moon and the mini-moon.

Regardless of its apparent size, the full moon of June is known as the full strawberry moon, for signifying the ripening of strawberries ready for harvest, but since it's a full moon, strawberries aren't the only thing it's known for manifesting.

We've come up with some ideas about how to welcome in this week's strawberry full moon with a whole ritual you can do with your uber-spiritual group of friends.

Gather your pals


Lauren Naefe

Invite over a few friends the night of the full moon (only the ones who you know love a good full moon ceremony), and let them know you're having a manifesting ritual. Bring dream boards, incense, crystals, pens, paper, vision boarding materials, etc.

There's nothing like getting together with a bunch of your fellow witches-in-spirit for a soul-cleansing, mind-clearing full moon par-tay.

Spend a little time outside under the light of the moon while you act out the following ritual in whatever creative ways you'd like to. If weather doesn't permit, it's fine to do it indoors as well.

Reflect back

Kate Daigneault

The moon's manifestation periods are on a cyclical calendar of six months, so think back to what you were doing around the New Moon of December 29, 2016. This should be easy to remember, because it was right around New Year's Eve, when we were busy setting goals for ourselves and intentions for the year to come.

What was it that you wanted to achieve this year, and what have you done to accomplish it? If you feel like you haven't made bold enough moves to get it, what can you do now?

Be grateful


Based on the goals you set for yourself around the new moon that fell in December of 2016, take a look at how those goals have begun to show themselves in your life now. You probably have already seen results already, or may feel like you're on the cusp of seeing them now.

Make a list of the results you're most grateful to have seen. Gratitude is like a universal currency; the more you practice it, the more you attract things to be grateful for.

Take inventory



Kim Jay

Practicing gratitude doesn't mean you can't acknowledge what you feel is lacking in your life, either. It's OK to take stock of where you feel you are experiencing a sense of lack. Every successfully run business takes its own inventory, and it's a good idea to do this in our own lives as well.

If the goals you set haven't manifested, then this particular full moon marks a turning point. Use it to make a list of actions you'd like to take to achieve what you wanted for yourself six months prior.

Writing these actions down is important. One study found that people who write down their goals and shared them with others are 33 percent more likely to achieve them.

Next moves

When you've written down your goals with friends and taken inventory of everything you'd like to achieve, you can spend the two weeks following the full moon planting the seeds to make that happen.

Keep in mind I'm saying planting seeds, meaning if you need to talk to your boss about a raise, email to set a date two weeks from the full moon, rather than during the waning period.

If you are in the arts, media, or communication and you have a big project you want to complete, tie up the loose ends on it now and start thinking about who you'd like to look at it before launching it.