Pop Culture: Making Society Stupid

by Paul Hudson

What happened to you America? From what little I can remember growing up, we once had culture — once. Now, now we have the "Jersey Shore," Honey Boo Boo, a handful of other “reality” TV shows with a bunch of morons getting paid to do stupid shit, and advertisements that are passed off as art.

American culture has downgraded to nothing more than a quick laugh and your next credit card swipe. All of this garbage playing such a large role in our everyday lives only leads me to one conclusion: America really is the place where dreams — no matter how stupid — can come true.

I wish I could sit here and write to you extensively on all the silly, crude, useless, IQ lowering “pop culture” that most Americans are currently scarfing down as if it were the food of life, but I can’t; I don’t expose myself to such garbage. Seeing as how you are my readers, I’d like to hope that you don’t either — but some of you are bound to at least slip once in a while and give into your secret indulgences.

Normally I wouldn’t have a problem with people wasting their time with most of this stuff. Life is one big competition and each person is your competition — if my competition wants to basically give up on living, I’m okay with that. But it has gotten to the point where it’s just not fun anymore. I can’t seem to have a conversation without someone bringing up what celebrity cheated on their boyfriend for the fourth time this month. I don’t care!

In fact, I don’t understand why anyone would care. Even the celebrities themselves have to stop giving a rat’s ass after they realize that their woes are on repeat. But why do you all live off the lives of others? That’s really what you are doing.

Every time that you spend time watching reality TV shows or reading up on the latest celeb gossip, you are avoiding actual reality and supplementing it with some trumped up fiction that people are feeding you as the truth. Is your life really that boring? Or is it the more likely case: you have been so caught up in this manufactured virtual reality that any time you get a glimpse of real life, you no longer feel any stimulation?

Believe it or not, life can be very entertaining without your apps and your social networking platforms — not to bash on sites like Twitter, they do do humanity a service when used properly. Living simply will make you happier than living in what ends up being a cluster-f*ck storage-unit life of popular “culture.”

If you know more about Kanye and Kim than you do about the Kim Jung-un and his madness — someone that has the power and stupidity to not only change your life but the entire world — then you are living, well... wrong. If you want to see stupid people, there is no reason to turn on VH1, just hop onto and you’ll read about more idiots than can fit into a Jersey Shore beach house.

If you are going to give into this popular culture than at the very least, be the one dishing out the trash instead of the one gobbling it up. It’s one thing to produce and sell a package full of lies and deceit and it’s another to buy it. Don’t be an idiot; make money off the idiots.

I’m all about bettering the intelligence of our nation as a whole, but let’s be honest — before we can expose certain hick-towns with their racist skewed views of reality to actual reality, we ourselves have to have a clear understanding of what is real and what is artificially produced in order to make us all complacent.

We ought to be priding ourselves as being a nation of intellectuals — not a nation that supports and honors idiots. I am sure that most of you are under the illusion that you only watch these shows because you enjoy laughing at the stupidity of others. But at the end of the day you are an hour poorer and those “idiots” are several thousands of dollars richer — thanks to people like you.

Entertainment has now become overrated. Just a couple hundred years ago human beings were more than entertained with playing outdoors and sneaking around to meet their lovers; that’s real excitement, real entertainment.

Now we sit indoors and stare at a screen for hours with joysticks or sit behind a computer screen, having a love affair with our own dicks in our hands. You really want to call this entertainment? I am sure I didn’t come even close to convincing most of you that life is better when culture requires intellect, but if I even managed to get a single one of you to open your eyes the tiniest crack, I’ll be more than satisfied.

Paul Hudson | Elite. 

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