You Design Your World: Change Your Perspective For A More Fulfilling Journey

Specs: an essential accessory for the modern hipster, nerdy fresh youngster or those of us who want to exude witty style among our peers. You see, though, specs are much more than that. They are, in essence, a symbolic representation of not only growth and exploration, but also enlightenment.

I earnestly believe that every situation and/or encounter has a specific purpose, no matter how significant or mundane it may appear. A situation will always present the opportunity to learn, and therefore, broaden your perspective. With glasses, your optical sense is corrected to bring that, which is far or near, into a perspective suited for “perfect” visibility. Now, everyone’s view is different and defining what is perfect is determined through various tests: “A or B? What about now? Which one is better?”

Time and experience can impair our vision, causing things that once were clear and precise like professional goals, relationships and love to become blurred and uncertain. It is during these “growing pains” that we should utilize the opportunities to better ourselves and gain a more solid understanding of who we are, as opposed to stressing over situations out of our control. The one thing you do have control over is your reaction. Call it character building.

It is most imperative that you allow yourself to feel, at any specific moment, whatever it is you are supposed to. Our generation is notorious for subduing pain with any quick sedative that will suppress what we should naturally go through in order to genuinely learn from the experience. The same goes for accomplishments, which we should extend excitement and celebratory credit to. Generation-Y is made up of opportunists that work over and beyond expectations to achieve what our predecessors took decades to build in half the time.

You have the lifestyle you put forth all of this effort to gain, but have you really lived? If you are so focused on reaching a certain level career wise that you negate the important milestones, which got you to the point you are at now, you have missed a grand opportunity the rest of your life could benefit from. It was once said, “The lesson is in the journey, NOT the destination.”

For the next year, choose to become a student and citizen of the world. Choose to gain an understanding and, ultimately, a different, more refined perspective, which will “test" the very beliefs and ideology you have formed in your young years. The places you will travel and people you will encounter will all shape the new approach you take on life.

This is not an attempt to discover who you are, but rather, to uncover the individual you are going to be. This is the opportunity to crush the 30-year-old, corporately conformed bore you would be if you decide to not take risks as the 20-something enthusiast you are today. This is being “down to earth" in every sense of the phrase, both literally and figuratively. This change and exploration will be the catalyst that births a new you.

Photo courtesy Tumblr