The 5 Different Personalities That Make Up Every Unstoppable Friend Group

Everything about us makes us who we are. Our personalities give us each a significant role in our friend groups.

Our friend groups are essentially our families; sometimes we even look to them for more help more often than we look to our families.

You probably get along better with one friend than the other because you guys are more similar, but still find yourself going to the other friend when you need help. It's because of their role.

Here are the five different personalities you'll find in every friend group:

1. The Parent

Every friend group has a parent. In fact, I'm pretty sure as soon as you read the word "parent" a friend instantly came to mind.

This person is usually the most responsible one in the group.

When out, they're the one rallying everyone up at 2 am to get home, and they're sober more often than not. Or at least a functioning drunk.

They're also the ones who will stay up with you when you're throwing up after everyone else has passed out, and they always have the best advice for the nights you find yourself drunk sobbing over your ex.

You love them just like your mom or dad because they make you feel safe and comfortable.

These friends are the best because they don't judge you for your choices. They care deeply about the people in their lives, and they will always be there for you. Cherish them.

2. The Lush.

This friend is always ready for a party.

Typically, they do what they want, when they want and without a filter.

They're always down to rage and they stand out in every friend group because they're (sometimes obnoxiously) loud and funny.

They will pump you up and get you to go out with them even if you're already in pjs picking out a movie on Netflix.

Although extremely entertaining to be around, they can drain some of the more introverted friends. But at the end of the day, they're the perfect friend to have when you need an epic night out.

3. The Perpetually Single Friend.

Forever the third, fifth or even seventh wheel, the struggle is very real for the perpetually single friend (PSF).

They are the introverted friends who typically prefer spending their alone time binge-watching "How To Get Away With Murder."

They usually opt out of events in order to avoid questions like "Why is someone like you still single?" or "I have the perfect person to set you up with!"

However, they're never upset about their singlehood and like the "lush," the PSF is always down for a good time involving alcohol.

4. The Smart Friend.

This one is the future executive of a Fortune 500 company.

They've spent most of their college career in the the library, and constantly push the rest of the group to "stop procrastinating."

They've never uttered the phrase "I can't even," because it's just not in their vocabulary; they're confident in their ability to do anything. 

They will constantly, unintentionally make you feel like you're failing at life. But they will always share their successes with you and be happy about yours, too.

5. The Nice Friend.

You probably hated this person at first because they were so overly sweet you didn't know if they were being real.

They were.

This person gets called sweet from strangers on the street and never has a bad day. They listen to everyone's problems and dole out advice like it's their job.

This friend will keep the peace amongst the entire friend group because they'll never talk someone down or judge them, and they hate drama.

They're extremely valuable because without them, you would never realize when you were in the wrong or even how to have empathy.

Essentially, we all have a specific role in our friendships but we shouldn't judge.

We have to take a moment to appreciate all of the love around us, and all the ways our friends make us who we are.