People Are Ranking The Solar Eclipse On Twitter And It's Actually Hilarious

by Alexa Mellardo

The 2017 solar eclipse quickly came and went today. This spectacular celestial phenomenon has been the center of a ton of social media hype leading up to this very day, where people would stop in their tracks, leave reality for a short bit, and longingly gaze up at the sky with their eclipse glasses in place. Within the midst of breathtaking pictures and videos snapped of the moon covering up the sun, there are some prime tweets rating the solar eclipse... and a lot of them are actually hilarious.

Did this year's highly anticipated solar eclipse truly live up to all of the hype? Between a plethora of funny memes and tweets, Twitter has obviously shed a ton of opinions about today's solar eclipse that dominated the sky. The Twitter community has been busy chatting and asking questions all day long with the hashtag #SolarEclipse2017, while the moon completed its path across part of the United States. For those of us who were lucky enough to see the event in person with our own two eyes, this day will forever leave a mark on our hearts. And for those of us who didn't make it to the path of totality to witness the sun's heavenly corona IRL, we're able to live vicariously through every single exquisite picture. The FOMO is all too real.

Here's what Twitter had to say about the solar eclipse.

1. This Twitter User Is Ranking What's Worse, So Take Your Pick

Rank the following from Worse to Worst... Concert Snaps Fireworks Snaps Solar Eclipse Snaps — Chris Sujka (@ChrisSujka4) August 21, 2017

2. This Unimpressed Person Decided To Compare It To The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

the total solar eclipse was almost as bad as this movie — Ryan Gilstrap (@rjgilstrap) August 21, 2017

... Which, TBH, I take personal offense to because I am Team Edward all day, every day.

3. Here Are A Couple Of Twitter Users Who Can't Help But Crack More Eclipse Jokes

This time-lapse of the #SolarEclipse2017  is truly remarkable — Dory (@Dory) August 21, 2017
Solar eclipse? Sounds like a bad Twilight spinoff. — ‏؜ (@sethfromcove) August 21, 2017

4. I See What You Did There

I'd have to rank that Solar Eclipse the best one I have ever seen in my life. #SolarEclipse17 — xBaNdiT (@xBanditGaming) August 21, 2017

5. This Twitter User Would Much, Much Rather Witness This Kind Of Eclipse

Now THIS is an Eclipse I'd pay to see. #SolarEclipse2017 — Ricky Davila (@TheRickyDavila) August 21, 2017

6. And, A Bunch People Commented How #Blessed They Felt Having The Eclipse On Their Birthday

Solar eclipse and my birthday...not bad! #SolarEclipse2017 — tracey mikesell (@tracymke123) August 21, 2017