30 People You Stop Giving a F*ck About When You Start Being An Adult

by Candice Jalili

When we are young, we put up with a lot of bullsh*t.

We don't know any better. We want to be nice. We want to make everyone happy.

Besides putting up with people's bullsh*t, we also let the thought of making people upset really bother us and make us anxious.

But as we grow up, we learn something: Some people just don’t deserve our time.

It's true that some people bring both joy and misery into our lives. They earn our undying love and devotion because they give it right back, and we put up with the occasional misery in order to keep that good around.

But the 30 people in this list are no good for us. They're the annoyances we stop giving a f*ck about when we start being adults.

1. The people who swiped left on you on Tinder

I feel sorry for them. They are obviously blind.

2. The easily-offended friend

I can only tiptoe around your feelings for so long.

3. Your straggling friends from college

It's just not as fun to get wasted with my college acquaintances, and that is perfectly FINE.

4. Your f*ck buddy

This will never be anything more. You will never want to date me. And honestly, I'd never want to date you either, so that’s just absolutely OK.

5. The girl who bullied you growing up

She was an insecure loser. BYE!

6. Your first ex-boyfriend

Why did I date you in the first place? I must have mistaken your genuinely horrible personality for constant sarcasm.

7. Your makeout guy on the dance floor

Tommy was hot. Tommy was a solid pull for sure. But it is time I stop stalking Tommy on every form of social media.

8. Your college professor who f*cked your GPA

Dr. Leiland may have given me a C, but you know what? I STILL MANAGED TO GET EMPLOYED AND CREATE A LIFE FOR MYSELF.

9. The one friend who completely dropped you

I may never know what I did to deserve that, but what I do know is that it happened, and life went on.

10. That one family member who always looked down on you

I may never be good enough for Aunt Lola, but I also DON’T CARE what a middle-aged woman with a failed marriage thinks about me and my life choices.

11. Seventy-Five Percent of your Facebook friends

Or should I say random people you happened to connect with online when you were 12.

12. The guy who stood you up

Aka, the guy who spared me from having to deal with his sh*t for an indefinite amount of time.

13. Your childhood friend who you have literally nothing in common with anymore

Why force something that just simply is not there?

14. That condescending b*tch in the office

I am NOT competing with you, Janet.

15. Your passive-aggressive roommate

You know what I’m gonna do with her next passive-aggressive sticky note? Crumple it up, throw it in the trash, and MOVE ON with my day.

16. Your ex-BFF

Some best friendships just aren’t meant to be forever.

17. The one who got away

Because if he really was “the one,” he wouldn’t have gotten away.

18. The guy who made you feel like you didn’t deserve more

Just because I am not YOUR girlfriend does not mean I am not girlfriend material at all, you piece of sh*t.

19. The fair-weather friend

It’s like that random Pinterest quote says, "If you can’t handle my 2007 Britney, you don’t deserve me at my Beyoncé."

20. The sorority girls who didn’t let you in

Their loss!

21. The teacher who didn’t believe in you

Mr. Lawson might have said I had no natural talent in high school, but look at me getting paid a SALARY to write full-time now!

22. The bouncer who didn’t let you into the club

Because in the grand scheme of life, one ruined night was completely irrelevant.

23. The one love you never thought you would get over

Suddenly, he’s off of the pedestal I put him on, and getting over him is easier than I ever thought it would be.

24. The crush who never liked you back

Obvi he’s GAY.

25. Your boyfriend’s exes

He’s with me now. They are irrelevant.

26. Your unrealistic role model

I will never be my big sister, and that is okay.

27. The Kardashians

There comes a point in all of our adult lives when we stop “keeping up.”

28. The guy who likes all of your pictures

No, it does not mean he is hopelessly in love with me. Yes, he does probably like about 300 other girls’ pictures every day.

29. Your judgmental gyno

She’s only giving me those looks because she’s jealous.

30. The guy who is more into you than you are him

I deserve more than SETTLING for this yawn.