19 Things Every Penn State Student Will Remember Forever

by Ashley Fern

College is a whirlwind of amazing experiences and what you do with your time as a student will drastically affect your outlook on your school while you're there -- and after you've graduated.

Penn State is undeniably an amazing school with an incredible student culture. This is probably the only explanation as to why, despite the controversary that's gone on, people are still flocking to the university in full force.

So what makes attending PSU worth remembering? Check out these 19 things that will more than convince you.

1. Participating in THON

Penn State is internationally known for having the largest student run philanthropy in the world.

Groups of students from different scholastic and social organizations come together to raise money for pediatric cancer, while dancing for kids for 46 hours straight.

2. Getting thrown in the air when the Nittany Lions score

After what seems like a lifetime of standing, it's a relief when your team scores a touchdown and you're launched into the air as part of the celebration.

The amount of times you get tossed in the air depends on touchdowns, so enjoy when it happens because not everyone gets to experience it.

3. Going to a frat party

It doesn't matter if you are involved in in Greek life or not, fraternity parties are a unique college experience and one everyone should try at least once (or 10 times).

No college career can be successfully completed without saying you've been to a frat party. You'll never see more underage kids party quite like at PSU -- especially if it's a weeklong celebration.

4. Climbing Mount Nittany with a group of your friends

The view from the top of Mount Nittany is something straight out of the Penn State pamphlet. The best time to do this is in the early fall since the weather is nearly perfect --  a rare occurrence for State College as all students know.

5. The rush of choosing your classes at midnight on eLion

You consulted with your friends, you wrote down the class ID numbers and you wrote down alternative options — all that's left is to wait until the clock strikes 12.

Getting a spot in a desirable class isn't easy as you fight with hundreds to thousands of other students, but it's worth it.

6. Attending a Frat daylong

Where else are you going to party with thousands of other students? Non-Penn Staters will never understand why we don’t just call it day-drinking, but then again they can't even begin to fathom the lifestyle of State College.

There is no better way to celebrate a beautiful day than with a daylong.

7. Going on a downtown bar tour with your friends

What’s more fun than bar hopping with your best friends all day long while dressed in matching, ridiculous attire? Penn State is home to dozens of bars, so a bar tour is the best way to explore them all.

8. Tailgating for a football game

Whether it's at the football stadium or on a frat lawn, there's one thing that's for sure: No one tailgates quite like the students of Penn State.

9. Rushing a sorority or fraternity

Joining Greek life is an experience that's all its own at PSU.

It's perhaps one of the most beneficial ways of making this gigantic university feel that much smaller. You have a group of friends at your disposable to do absolutely anything and everything with.

10. Showing your family your favorite places on and off campus

What better way is there to show your family members what they're paying for?

Showing off your favorite places will allow your family to really see what you're doing when you're not in the classroom. Make sure you hit The Creamery, The Lion Shrine and Rec Hall.

11. Attending a class with more people than the population of your entire high school -- aka 100 Thomas

Oh, and how could I forget any class that is offered in The Forum?

Your mind will be blown after seeing how large classes can really get at the collegiate level. There is a good chance you have never seen this amount of people in one area outside of a concert or sporting event.

12. Pulling all-nighters for finals with your friends in the Paterno library

Sure, studying isn't fun, but it can be if you go about it the right way.

Setting up camp with your friends and classmates is the easiest way to pass the time while also cramming for that exam. Plus every restaurant in State College delivers, meaning you never have to leave the library... if you're hungry.

13. Eating at Canyon Pizza at 1 am and then eating at The Waffle Shop the following morning at 11 am

Eating at these two iconic food establishments is a Penn State rite of passage. Hats off to you if you are able to eat Canyon sober.

14. Somehow ending up at The End Zone

The State College strip club is as notorious as it is ridiculous. But, hey, if you end up here it does make for a great story and memory.

15. Attending Club McDonald's at 3 am on any given night

For some reason, the McDonald's on College Avenue turns into the hot spot during late night hours. On the weekend, you can see the line extend out the door and wrap around the entire block.

16. Getting into a bar with a fake ID without getting arrested

This is probably, by far, the most difficult task in regards to going out at Penn State. The bars on campus are notorious for their harsh underage policies (unlike many other schools of this party caliber).

If you can make it into Indigo or Cafe 210 without getting your fake taken or the cops called, you deserve a medal and a round of minderasers.

17. Attending Arts Fest at least once

Arts Fest brings over 100,000 people to State College during the month of July every year. Sure, the main attraction is the art but every student knows much, much better than that. This celebration is an excuse for all sorts of debauchery.

18. Celebrating State Patty's Day

This is the greatest party day of the year. This tradition began back in 2007 when the real Saint Patrick's Day fell over Spring Break.

Of course, the students of PSU didn't want to miss out on a chance to party, so they created their own holiday that fell over the academic calendar year.

19. Graduating followed by senior week

After four years (hopefully), you and your friends have made it through the rigorous curriculum and even more rigorous party scene. Graduation is just validation that it's possible to pursue a degree and to maintain an active social life.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr