8 Reasons Partying The Night Before Thanksgiving Ruins The Holiday

Just a few more nights until the sh*t show holiday developed just to give the young ones more of a reason to get wasted mid-week.

Thanksgiving Eve -- the night before Thanksgiving -- is the perfect night to start your weekend very early with a couple of beers, a few shots and some expensive mixed drinks.

You head back to your hometown to meet the family for the Thanksgiving holiday.

But what is the first thing you do when you get home Wednesday night?

You call all your friends to let them know you're back in town, put on your best outfit and head to the bars and clubs, of course.

At first, the night has potential. It's fun, and you're just a bit tipsy.

Then, the club gets crowded from all the people in town, the room begins to spin and you're already five shots, three beers and two mixed drinks in.

That hangover is going to look real good tomorrow morning at grandma's house.

Here are some reasons why Thanksgiving Eve is the absolute worst:

1. You hear the words "holiday" or "eve" and automatically think that gives you a reason to double your alcohol intake.

Just because it's a holiday or an eve of an holiday, that doesn't mean you should give yourself alcohol poisoning to celebrate.

2. Drunk girls are everywhere.

The clubs are filled with basic drunk girls who don't know how to contain their alcohol, especially during the holiday season.

They take the word "celebrate" way too seriously.

Let's face it: You are probably one of those girls, and if you are not, that just makes you Scrooge.

3. You are bound to run into someone you've been avoiding for months.

Everyone is back in town for the holiday, and you know what that means: awkward encounters with your ex, your ex's new significant other, your crazy ex from a year ago, your ex-best friend, your ex-best friend's brother and the hairdresser who f*cked up your highlights.

These are all of the people you have been trying to avoid.

Let's make one thing very clear: Just because we are all super wasted, that does not mean I want to talk to you or be your friend again.

Your face does not look any better when I am intoxicated, hon.

4. The creepy men everywhere are trying to be your "Santa Baby."

"The season of giving has begun, so why don't you let me buy you a drink. You can return the favor later."

It is not the season for you to be giving or buying me anything, not even a drink.

5. You have no money for drinks because you are either a broke college student or saving up to buy Christmas gifts.

On that note, Santa, come back. I could use a few cocktails.

6. You lose the people you went to the club with because everyone ventures out to reconnect with others from home.

The club is packed with everyone from your hometown and the surrounding towns. For some strange reason, everyone is suddenly best friends and wants to reconnect again.

Is the alcohol to blame for our over-friendly personalities of the night, or does the holiday season really make people jolly and merry?

I blame the tequila.

But that's just me.

7. You end up completely sh*t-faced, and realize that hangover is going to look so good on you in the morning.

It's like college all over again, passing out in your clothes from the night before and waking up the next morning with the biggest hangover ever.

Unfortunately, you can't spend the entire day in bed.

It's Thanksgiving!

8. You show up at grandma's house hungover.

Nothing quite says "Happy Thanksgiving" like puke all over the floor, and you reeking of alcohol from the night before.