If You Have These Palm Markings, Your Love Life May Be In Trouble

by Rosey Baker
Juri Pozzi

If you know nothing about palm reading, there are four basic palm lines to know about: the heart line (or "love" line), the fate line, the head line, and the life line.

Palmistry is the art of predicting someone's character or their future by interpreting the lines on their palm, and the heart line holds secrets to the quality of their love life.

There are a ton of fantastic things you can find out about your love life on your palm, but those are for a different article. For today, we're focusing on problem areas -- because my boyfriend is leaving town for a month and I'm in a dark emotional space.

To be clear, I've been studying astrology and metaphysical arts for 15 plus years, and have been doing palm readings, intuitive readings, and astrology charts for a decade. So yeah, I'm a pro.

The love line is also referred to as the heart line, and it covers ALL intimate relationships, including relationships with close friends and family, so while this article focuses on romantic relationships, know that it can apply in those other areas as well.

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Not to be a killjoy of all things happy and sacred, but if your love line is marked by any of the following qualities, your romantic life could be in for a bumpy-ass ride.

If your love line doesn't resemble any of the above, I'm sure you're already breathing a sigh of relief. However, if curiosity has the best of you and you want to know more about how to read your own palm, I would suggest checking out this article. 

Long Love Line Stretching Across The Entirety Of The Palm

If your love line is long enough to reach both sides of your palm then you might need to ask yourself, "Do I love Aiden because he genuinely contributes to my life, or do I love Aiden because he recently broke both his legs, rendering him useless and therefor dependent on me?"

People with a love line that reaches both sides of the palm need to watch out for codependency issues, as they might be compulsive care-takers.

Very Short Love Line

If you're on a date and you see someone with a very short love line that doesn't touch either side of the palm, well, let's just say you won't feel pressured to talk too much. They'll most likely be carrying the conversation just talking about themselves.

These people tend to be self-centered in relationships.

Very Deep, Very Straight Love Line

People with a deep and straight love line will probably go through your phone and text all your exes to never contact you again. That deep line is symbolic of their deep issues with jealousy and control.

These individuals can have some damaging beliefs about authority. Subconsciously, they see relationships as a controlling influence in their lives, so they react by acting out against their partners or by trying to control them. Fun, right?

Wavy Love Line

A very wavy love line is a pretty straightforward sign of someone with a lot of instability in their love lives.

A person with a long wavy line that touches both sides of their palm indicates an emotionally unstable person who seeks partners who will care for them the same way a live-in nurse or a parent would.

A person with a short wavy line indicates a person who isn't able to carry on a long term relationship and instead has many short unstable relationships.

Faint Love Line

This isn't as much of a warning sign to the person who has this marking as much as it is to the person who is dating them.

A very faint love line is the sign of someone who doesn't really place a lot of importance on their emotional life. They may come off as fairly aloof, because, well, they are.

Great for a fling, but don't expect this to turn into a three-year relationship, unless you're willing to give them a lot of personal space to focus on the stuff they really care about -- stuff that is not you.

Absent Love Line

There are those out there with absolutely no love line, and if you're one of those people, you won't even care, because you are f*cking ruthless.

I don't even know why I'm including you people in this article, you're not thinking about your love lives, you're out there leaving a trail of disregarded, broken hearted losers behind you.

Broken Love Line

If your love line looks like someone erased large chunks out of it, making it look like an old dashed line on a pirate map, this is a sign your love life is marked by your own moodiness and emotional stress.

There may have been some emotional trauma in this person's early life, or they are strongly attached to their fear, which can lead to a lot of pain when it comes to their romantic life and intimate relationships.