Another Year Wiser: 5 Reasons Why It’s Okay To Be A Super Senior

by Juliann Fiorentino

You're a 20-something at the bar, throwing back some cold ones when a total babe approaches you.

You immediately hit it off, until the dreaded question comes up: "So what year are you?"

You mumble under you breath a bunch of gibberish he or she doesn't understand until you're practically yelling, "I'M A SENIOR AGAIN, OKAY."

Or maybe, that was just my case? Either way, it's okay to be a little behind. And guess what? You're not the only one. There's even a catchy name for it!

Being a super senior basically means you're on a five-year plan. You're just doing an extra year at college — big whoop.

It's not embarrassing. Hello, it's called super senior for a reason. You're kicking ass!

Maybe you took the time to really figure out what you wanted, or maybe you took some time off. Either way, you did what you thought was best at the time, and that takes guts.

So here are five reasons to stop kicking yourself about being a super senior because it's totally okay:

1. Good things take time.

Think about it: Have you ever had amazing one-minute sex? Yeah, no. The only thing that's really rushed these days is fast food, and that's not even good for you.

College isn't supposed to feel rushed or cramped; it's supposed to be a journey. You've probably heard the saying, "College is the best four years of your life," right?

Well, hell, you just nabbed yourself a fifth! Now what does that tell you?

2. You'll still find your dream job.

My dad, time after time, has told me once I'm done with college, I'll wish I could go back. He's probably right.

Most people are eager to graduate and catch that dream job right out of college. Kudos, I salute your determination. But, realistically, that still might take some time.

While those recent graduates are chasing after their dream jobs, you're still perfecting the requirements to land yours. It's shocking, but you actually mature with age.

You'll make different decisions one year than you will the next. You'll be fully prepared for that interview in a year, don't sweat.

3. Creating a flexible schedule.

You can still sign yourself up for tequila Tuesdays! But seriously, most jobs don't allow you to create a schedule, so it's usually that Monday through Friday, nine-to-five position.

Being a super senior usually entitles first pick of classes. This mean you can choose when you want to be there and when you want to be hungover as f*ck. Sweet, right?

College is work, but not the same kind of work as a real job. You can finish the job at your leisure (before the due date, obviously), and still have time for that 10 am yoga class.

You know what else this means, right? Frequent nap time.

4. Longer relationships.

And no, I don't mean with your boo-thang. When you're in a certain department or program for a while, you start to notice you're seeing the same people over and over again (usually professors).

Back in high school, it was so uncool to actually speak to your teachers. In college, these devoted individuals can help mold your path.

You start to create professional relationships that will benefit you when it comes time for — dare I say it? — job references?

So, don't be that guy who buries his face into a laptop in the back of the class. Everyone hates that guy.

5. You're gaining more experience.

You can use your recently graduated friends as real-world guinea pigs. (Just maybe don't tell them?)

Your friends will make mistakes like any newlywed employee, while some will make progress. This serves as the perfect opportunity to take note of the good and the bad.

Maybe you can't really live off of ramen every day or maybe there is no such thing as "casual Fridays." Those bastards.

College shouldn't be treated as a sprint, but more like a marathon.

As long as you cross the finish line with honesty, confidence and knowledge, you'll be just fine.

Fly on super senior, fly on!