Why 'The Nice Guy' Is A Core Part Of Every Girl's Friendship Circle


Do you know the nice guy? He's the one with the words that always seem to resonate with you, regardless of your situation.

He's the guy you can chill with, with no worries that one of you is crushing on the other. He's the dude you can tell your most ridiculous jokes to, knowing he will always laugh.

He's the one with whom you can order whatever you want off the menu, without feeling the need to be prim and proper. This is the guy who you can get into arguments with on occasion, but it's usually because you want what's best for him and he won't listen (or vice versa).

This person -- while you could also consider him your best friend -- is like your brother.

Maybe you met him in math class at school or at your summer job. Or maybe he's the son of your mom's friend.

Regardless of how you met him, you have come to terms with the fact that he is awesome. He's just not an "Oh yeah, I'd definitely date him" type of awesome.

But he's awesome in the sense that he's a well-rounded guy, who gives off good vibes to you and the people who surround him. You have a bond, and it's undeniable.

Every woman needs a guy like this in her life: a guy who will call her out for her actions when needed, but who will also be along for the long-haul.

You may have a best friend who differs from him, but he is the one you go to for advice on guys (and honestly, just guidance in general whenever you need it). He's different from a guy friend because he is willing to tell you straight-up what is going on, rather than sugarcoat the truth.

Despite your arguments, you always bounce back because you're like family. Family sticks together, no matter what.

In these moments, it is best to remember to give him some space, and trust everything will work out. This way, you can come back to the point of joking and laughing as if nothing ever happened.

Your brother is the one you get to joke with and pick on in a way that is different from any relationship you have with another person. You both just get one another, and the brother-sister relationship is mutual. If someone is messing with you, you know he is there to back you up, and he knows you've always got his back.

Another aspect of this relationship with your brother is you're both responsible for paying whenever you go out. You both know you're responsible for whatever you got, and it's not awkward at all.

This guy brings out some of the best parts in you, whether you are single, in a relationship, welcoming offers or anything in between. It doesn't make a difference to him.

When you're happy, he is there to celebrate. When you're sad, he is there to lend a helping hand in any way you'd like him to.

You both understand you have dating lives, too. You are willing to help one another out whenever it comes to buying your significant others gifts, or when you aren't sure if you should take the next step in your relationship with your lover.

The bond you have with your brother is irreplaceable, and every woman who has a relationship like this has a lot to be grateful for. Not only does the laughter he brings brighten your day or week, but so does the companionship he provides and the understanding he possesses.