The Newest Trend: People Taking Pictures Of People Taking Pictures Of Their Food


Since the inception of Instagram, we have seen many trends come and go. Some of the most common trends include #TBT (ThrowBackThursday), silly selfies and, of course, the infamous duck face. There is one trend in particular that has plagued our generation, especially in the world of Instagram and it comes in the form of people taking photos of their food.

Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, fast food or expensive restaurant, people somehow feel it is appropriate to take photos of their food and post it. This has become one of the most annoying trends. Not only do people not care what you are eating, but they don't care to see your order of Chipotle on their news feeds.

The thirst is actually real when it comes to people taking photos of their food, so we have decided to start a new trend, taking photos of people taking photos of their food just to show them how dumb they look. Here are the 20 photos of people taking pictures of their food.