The Only Resolution I Plan On Keeping This Year Is Being More Selfish

by Lexi Palmer

The majority of people have New Year’s resolutions that lean more toward the positive side, like getting healthy, being happier, finding a better job, etc.

But when people asked me if I had any resolutions this year, I said, “To be more selfish.”

Initially (as expected), a statement like this did not evoke a positive response without an explanation.

So allow me to clarify: I want to be selfish in terms of putting my happiness and success before anyone else’s.

More often than not, we choose to sacrifice our own happiness so others can be happy.

We say things like, “Better me than someone else; I know I can handle it.”

I believe we have all done that at some point in our lives, whether it meant staying with someone you weren't happy with because you didn't want to break his or her heart or not standing up for yourself because you didn't want to offend someone.

Here are a few reasons I'm proud to say my resolution is to be more selfish in 2016:

1. People will always take whatever amount of energy you offer to them.

If you offer everything you have, people will take it all without thinking twice.

I used to be constantly stressed out because I would offer all of my time to a bunch of different people, but I'd leave no time for myself.

I started saying no a lot more this year, and I've never been happier.

2. No one will give up his or her goals to help you achieve yours.

I once dated a guy who was extremely supportive of my dreams and career.

Well, he was until they stopped aligning with his goals of marrying me and piggybacking off my success.

Once he started trying to guilt me into limiting my goals to stay on pace with his, I realized it needed to end.

Other people will more than likely choose their goals over yours, so you should do the same.

3. Wherever we allow ourselves to be taken is where we end up.

We ultimately make the choices that determine our futures.

I have found myself in dangerous situations because I did not put my personal safety above an activity with friends.

You cannot blame anyone but yourself, so make sure the choices you make will make you happy.

We are responsible for our actions and the consequences, whether good or bad.

4. You deserve to be just as happy as everyone else.

I used to make sure other people were happy first because I felt like they deserved to be happy more than me.

Although it was great for everyone else's happiness, I became miserable.

I never felt I deserved to be happy more than them.

But after some extensive soul-searching, it hit me.

We are all human beings with heartbeats, passions and things to bring to the table.

We all deserve to be happy just as much as the next person.

Every single one of us is capable of something great, but if we continue to spend all of our energy on those around us, we may never have the energy to show the world what we are capable of.

We all should respect ourselves enough to understand we are worthy of achieving our dreams.

No one dream is more important than another.

All we can do is focus on achieving our own dreams and hope everyone else will do the same.