15 Forgotten Joys Of Neopets That Will Give You All The Feels

by UnzippedTV

Before the days of Candy Crush and Flappy Bird, there was good ol’ Neopets.

Many of you probably remember countless days (and nights) spent glued to the computer playing games on Neopets.

You spent your days racking up Neopoints and actually, now that we think about it, learning some important life lessons.

Like, if you save money in the bank, you get to collect interest; price the stuff in your shop cheaply, or else no one will buy it; and the most important lesson yet: Always take the free stuff.

Remember going on your daily (or hourly) rounds to the Giant Omelette, Coltzan’s Shrine and the Fruit Machine?

Neopets provided us with hours and hours of entertainment as kids. If you grew up playing Neopets, here are 15 things that will give you a major blast from the past:

1. You started your day by collecting free omelette.

Give us today our daily omelette.

2. And then, you tried your luck at the Snowager.

Somehow, you were always there when it was awake.


3. You made sure to go to the Wheel Of Excitement every hour.

Most of the time, you ended up with the mystery prize … 57 NP.

4. When 99 percent of the time, you regretted buying the scratch card.

You always got two of the same thing, but rarely three. It was always so close yet so far.

5. You got a cheat trophy.

Because it was the easiest to win. It was probably also the only trophy you ever got.

6. You had lots of random crap in your inventory.

From all those trips to the Tiki Tack Tombola, the Fruit Machine and Coltzan’s Shrine.

7. You dumped your random crap at the Trading Post or the Money Tree.

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

8. You didn’t know what the codestones were for.

You knew they were worth a lot, which is why you kept them, but you weren’t sure what you were supposed to do with them.

They just kind of sat in your inventory.


9. You saved way more money than you ever would in real life.

You always kept track of the money in your bank account, and you loved seeing that number grow.

Unfortunately, this habit never carried over into real life.

10. You always fed your Neopet until it was very bloated.

“Very full” or “bloated” wasn’t enough.

To you, your Neopet wasn’t done eating until he was very bloated.

By the way…

11. One of your biggest Neopet goals was to get a paintbrush.

12. Your safety deposit box was really a private gallery of things you collected.

Some people collected food, some collected plushies and others collected rare items.

13. And some peoples’ shops were obviously a gallery of things they collected.

Everything was priced (ridiculously) at 999,999 NP.

In the world of Neopets, this meant, “NOT FOR SALE, but please feel free to check out my incredible collection."

14. You started coding because of Neopets.

Because everyone’s profile/shop had animated wallpaper and music, and you HAD to get on that level.

15. Your Neopets had really unfortunate names.

You felt the need to name them Candybunny123, or Mylilpony858)

And your username wasn’t much better (Candygirly_123, _Ponyrider858_).

Writing this post definitely made me feel nostalgic about those simpler days when I was a carefree kid.

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This article was originally published on Unzipped.