Why You Need To Learn To Keep Your Mouth Shut

by Lauren Martin

They say that opinions are like assh*les and unfortunately there are a lot of assh*les out there. We are living through an epidemic of loud mouths, in which people seem to think it's okay to say whatever they want, whenever they feel like it. There is no longer any regard for feelings, situational context or common sense. Everyone is talking, but no one is saying anything.

This speaking before we think epidemic is a horrible reflection of our generation. We are transitioning into adults and besides the fact that stating your opinion when it's neither necessary nor right (and yes, there are right opinions and wrong opinions), it's just not becoming.

Have you ever met someone whose opinion you respect so much that when he or she talks, you hang on every word? That person who always says the most intriguing and insightful things? That person knows a simple truth that you have yet to find: you should only speak when you have something good to say.

There are some people who demand respect wherever they go. They are the people who only speak when they truly have something to say. It's a rare thing to see these days, but those who have learned it understand the power to it. In Robert Greene's "48 Laws Of Power," he stated that to attain power you should "always say less than necessary." For many, that is easier said than done.

 "Open your mouth only if what you are going to say is more beautiful than silence." -Arabic Proverb

Not only do empty words make you sound stupid, but a lot of times they end up hurting people. When you talk before speaking, you are most likely not evaluating your surroundings, which leads to mistakes. The common saying "less is more" is one of those timeless tokens of wisdom that few people abide by. Unfortunately, it's one of the greater pieces of knowledge we have.

Once you learn that less talk means more listening, you will understand the secret to success. It's those who do not talk who do not make fools of themselves, because it is impossible to always say something intelligent.

Your Words Will Mean More

The more you talk, the emptier your words become. When something is overused, it becomes dull, much like the words of an incessant talker. It's like anything in this world, the more rare something is, the more valuable people perceive it to be. When you talk all the time, people will begin to give your words little attention or weight. You will find yourself surrounded by people waiting for you to finish speaking rather than listening.

People Will Respect You

Everyone respects the quiet guy. There's something very mystifying about someone who doesn't talk a lot, probably because it's an anomaly these days. When you don't talk, you don't have to worry about going home and wondering if you said anything stupid... because you didn't say anything at all.

You Will Seem Smarter

If you're not always talking, there is less of a chance for you to say something stupid. If people never hear you say anything dumb or unintelligent, you will be perceived as wise and soulful. People try to talk to make themselves seem smarter, but it's the ones who don't talk who are most intelligent.

You Will Gain More Power

Not saying something stupid means not being labeled an idiot. Not being labeled an idiot means getting more respect. More respect means more power. People wonder how others get into certain positions of power, but never take the time to really evaluate what qualities powerful people possess. If you are around someone who holds a lot of clout, take notice of how much he or she is speaking, I bet it's very little.

Top Photo Courtesy Of: Tumblr