5 Necessities You Didn't Know You Needed To Pack For Your Beach Vacation

Angelina Litvin/ Unsplash

It's that beautiful time of year again when you're probably headed to the beach.

Before you fully indulge in some sandy summer fun, there are a few things you probably didn't know you needed to pack in your suitcase. You know, those things you see all of the time and say, ”Hey, why didn't I think of that?”

Well, think no more.

You probably want your beach fun to be as carefree and accommodating as possible, since warm sand doesn't hold all of the answers -- just a margarita, or two.

Here are a few cool summer gadgets that could enhance your beach vacay this season.

1. A Wine Bag, So You Can Rosé All Day

Bella Vita

Wine Bag, $74.95, Bella Vita

It's 5 p.m. somewhere, right? Nothing beats having a cold glass of your favorite wine on the beach.

The Bella Vita wine bags come in different colors, so sipping in style has never been easier. Now, you can really have all of your needs in one place.

2. A Simple DIY Beach Chair


Beach Thingy, $20, Fab

It sucks lugging around your beach chairs on and off the sand... but this one is simple. Let the natural elements of the sand be the bottom portion, while the other half supports your back. This beach chair will literally have your back.

3. Waterproof Speakers To Get The Party Going


Vtin Waterproof Speakers, $29.99, Walmart

While the peaceful summer waves are definitely worth listening to, there's nothing wrong with heightening the moments with your favorite music.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers eliminate the hassle of looking for a place to plug in on the beach, or not too close to the water.

4. A Solar Charger

The Outdoor Spirit

Solar Charger, $54.90, The Outdoor Spirit

You're going to be soaking up summer rays, so why not kill two birds with one stone and charge your phone at the same time?

And while the sun may be draining your energy, it will keep your phone ready for every other fun plan to follow. It's a vacation, but multi-tasking is still a useful thing to consider as you're relaxing on the beach.

5. Comfy Sand-Free Blanket


CGear Sand Free Multimat, $63.99-$78.99, Walmart

You love the beach and all it has to offer... until you get sand in your favorite sandwich, or mounds of it in your car.

A sand-free blanket won't eliminate everything, but it keeps you from looking like a matador as you shake it up and down throughout the day. Besides, sand already gets everywhere… even in the most uncomfortable places.

Take the reins this summer, and make sure you're looking at all of your options to enhance your beach experience.

Make use of the endless sunshine this summer, and relax like it's no one's business.