It's About More Than Paying Bills: If Your Job Isn't Stimulating You, It's Time To Quit

by Lauren Martin

There is an epidemic of settling sweeping across our generation. Intelligent and driven young graduates are taking positions that offer no stimulation or room for growth. And it seems the root of this problem is fear. Fear of the unknown, the different, the unacceptable.

Many view their lives as already planned and have fears of screwing up the blueprint. But life isn't planned. And you don't have to step into a job because that's what you majored in or what your parents thought was a good choice. Because, at the end of it all, you change, life changes and sh*t happens.

There's a difference between paying your dues and staying put. If you are paying your dues, as many young millennials must, stay humble and you will get there. However, if you are laboring without a clear vision of a greater purpose, position or point in your life, there is something wrong.

If you do not go to work every morning with a fire under your ass, shocked nerves and mind racing, it's time to reevaluate your life, because you are too young to be settling.

You are at the height of your potential. There is nothing that you cannot achieve. You are the only thing standing in your way from achieving greatness. Here are the seven rules to keep from settling.

1.Don't Lose Your Hunger

Life is just a collection of experiences, isn't it? It's those moments that all add value and meaning to your life. Don't waste your life, and especially your youth, in a job that doesn't offer you something meaningful. It's about the experience, not about the pay. If your job isn't pushing you towards more, it's time to quit.

 2. Know Your Worth

You may be young, but you are valuable. You have a working brain, you have ideas and a collection of experiences to draw from. You have skills that make you unique and valuable. Do not look at companies and employers as high and mighty beings whom you must take what you can get from. They should be appreciating you for the unique set of skills you are bringing to them.

 3. Always Innovate

The greatest people are the ones who never settle for the norm. You will never achieve anything unless you are constantly thinking about improvement. An easy way to get ahead is to find what's working already, and make it better.

4. Don't Let Your Role Define You

You are only at the cusp of your potential and with the right ground to leap from, you could go so many places. Your first job should not be the only job you imagine having for the rest of your life. It should be a clear means to an ends. If you're not sure what the ends are yet, it should still just be a stepping stone.

5. Always Reach For More

Never stop achieving. The most miserable people are those who have no drive, no motivation. If you are not constantly reaching for a goal, you may as well be dead. Because what's the point in living if you aren't growing? Don't lose your drive just because it's easy to settle. Only the ones who do anything great defied the rules and constraints dictated by society.

 6. Don't Let Missteps And Failure Deter You

It's inevitable that you are going to screw up. You are going to fail. It's only the ones who make it to the top who were willing to grow from the pain, to learn from it. The most important lessons we learn in life come from failure.

 7. Learn From Others

Everyone has something to give. Everyone has something they're good at. If you refuse to let people help you or admit that you know more than everyone then you are ignorant. And ignorance will inhibit your potential. Always remember to look at people's point of views and how they are perceiving you as a worker. Perception is a powerful thing.

 8. Leave Your Mark

If you died tomorrow would you be satisfied? Would you know you left at least some mark on the world? Some part to show you were there, that you contributed. We're all here to make the world a better place and the most dissatisfied people are those who don't feel they are adding value to the world.