Keep It Simple: Happiness Lies In Simplicity

If you're looking for happiness, call off the search party. Chances are, it's right in front of you. The moment I began living my life for myself, rather than depending on external people or factors to bring me joy, I discovered true happiness. Being happy isn't about some mega milestone occurring and all of a sudden your world is dandy; it's about finding the beauty in life’s simple pleasures.

Having a positive outlook on life may sound trite, but it truly is amazing for your spirit. When we face obstacles, negative people, or undesirable circumstances, we also face the decision of how to cope with it. I don’t let my thoughts and circumstances control me; I am in control of my life and emotions. Because of these small changes, I feel I’m a better version of myself.

Sometimes I sit and revel in thought of all the things that make me twinkle. I’m passing them onto you, in hopes that you, too, might learn to recognize the littlest factors in life as the biggest moments of joy.

Happiness is… Laughing so hard your side hurts. Knowing that somebody misses you. Making homemade cookies. Having someone play with your hair. Hearing from an old friend. Seeing a kid laugh after he farts. Eating a hearty meal then taking a nap. A full tank of gas. Wearing something lacey under my t-shirt and sweats. The beach. A long, hot shower. Finding a good sale. Watching an underdog win. A cupcake. Hot chocolate with whipped cream. Knee-high boots. All green lights on your morning commute. Getting something unexpected in the mail. Laughing for no reason with your kids. Seeing a hot guy jogging shirtless. Free online shipping. A good book. No line at the grocery store. Finding a parking place up front. Holiday decorations. Fresh-squeezed lemonade. The perfect handbag. A good hair day. Eye contact with someone sexy. Waking up and realizing you have two hours to lay in bed before you have to get up. Hearing your favorite song on the radio. Writing. Falling in love. A keyboard that lights up in the dark. Knowing you’ve done the right thing.

You can spend a lifetime chasing things you think will make you cheese, but open your eyes to the beautiful world around you. No matter what comes at you in life, find joy in simplicity. Don’t let negative situations or people become you. Attitudes are contagious; spread joy!

“The best feeling in the world is realizing that you’re perfectly happy without the thing you thought you needed.” - Marxie

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Top Photo Courtesy: Yuri Afanasiev, his photos are awesome so be sure to check them out!