Timing Is Everything: 5 Instances When Time Should Dictate Action

by Mounia Bagha

Very often, I like to pause and have a look at how other people are doing with their lives.

It’s probably not the right thing to do, given the number of quotes you can find about comparing yourself to others (Mark Twain’s "Comparison is the death of joy," anyone?), but sometimes I just can't help it.

To put it simply: Sometimes, I am not a very happy person and I need to reassure myself by validating the fact that I can’t be the only one struggling out there.

I see friends getting married and having babies while I’m still internally debating whether or not it’s about time I settle down for good.

So then I start to wonder if the choices I made were so clever after all. Would have things have turned out differently if I made different choices?

We are reminded every single day that life is short and that we should do our best to make the most of our days.

Yet, living life to its fullest seems difficult when it feels like time is slipping though our fingers way too quickly for our dreams to come true in-between.

So, when it comes to life, is it really all about timing?

1. There’s a time to cry and there’s a time to mend your broken self.

They say that crying is the best way to heal. Sometimes, all you need is to hit rock bottom, so once you’ve fallen apart, the only way out is up.

Timing is supposed to be about doing something in the moment that will ignite an optimum effect; it’s doing the right thing at the right time for the right outcome.

So, whenever you’re ready to dry those tears, trust that your gut feeling will take over to show you the way back up.

2. There’s a time to play games and there’s a time to play real.

We love to play games. We think that because we won’t text back right away or have sex on the first date, the odds will play in our favor and keep our hearts and egos safe a bit longer.

There’s nothing wrong in playing hard to get, but keep in mind that not everyone is up for it. When it comes to relationships, playing it simple can be the best game ever.

3. There’s a time to wait and there’s a time to move.

I grew up being told that good things come to those who wait, even though I was eager to have everything I wanted right away.

I started to fear that life would pass me by and that I would run out of it. For a really long time, all I wanted was to press fast-forward and get to where I wanted to be. I was helplessly craving for control over the unfolding of events.

Your life will change whether you want it or not and sometimes, you won't even notice it happening.

In one month, one year from now, something will have changed; perhaps because you decided so, or through the influence of other forces around you.

4. There’s a time to be lost and there’s a time to be found.

It’s hard to live by a pre-defined timeline. It’s even harder to define what the timeline is supposed to include.

Wandering is part of the deal. Sometimes, it’s just better to take it slow and find your way back, one step at a time.

It doesn’t mean that you’ll be that way for the rest of your life; it’s simply part of exploring the options this world has in store for all of us.

5. There’s a time to hold on and there’s a time to surrender.

I don’t like to give up, I like to believe that there’s always hope in pretty much everything and no situation is as bad as it may seem.

But, I also know that you can waste a lot of precious time you’ll never get back if you chase perfection or seek meaning in a situation where none exists.

If you really think about it, I’m sure you’ll realize that many things that happened to you taught you something; they crossed your path on your journey through life for a reason.

We are where we are right now because it’s the way things are supposed to be and, if you think about it, the present looks like a good time after all.