This Might Just Be The Greatest F*cking Motivational Advice You Have Been Looking For (Photo)

Good F*cking Design Advice is a website that offers, well, good f*cking advice, and it comes to us in the form of a poster that I feel like is practically yelling at me but that is also really motivating to read.

My favorite ones are definitely "Work outside of your f*cking habits," "Find f*cking inspiration everywhere," "Sketch more f*cking ideas," and "Think about all the f*cking possibilities," mainly because if you read them with the right inflection, it kind of sounds like it's talking about actual f*cking.

All jokes aside, I'm a huge fan of this poster.

I'm going to sum up the central message as "No more f*cking excuses," which is something really important that we can definitely be reminded of, especially when we're feeling like all hope is lost.

I would probably get this branded into the insides of my eyelids or inked as a tattoo sleeve if I could, but unfortunately, I have grandparents to see and children to one day take to daycare.

The GFDA shop has lots of other similarly appropriate aggressive pieces of advice.

You can even get a censored one, but that's boring and not nearly as encouraging.