Thinkers And Doers: Pros And Cons Of Each Personality And How To Weigh Them Out

by Grant Goodwine

Do you want to be a successful person? Well, there are two different types of people in this world, and if you really want to live up to your full potential and manifest your dreams into a reality, you need to find good balance between the different types.

You need to obtain best of both worlds, if you will. Now, you aren't just born one way or the other; it’s more of a taught behavior. Therefore, if you are truly willing to become a stronger and more successful person, you can change it and balance it out.

The Thinker

Pros: The thinker has an open mind. The thinker is clever as can be and curious, with a head full of wonderful ideas that can be considered both unique and original. The thinker is smart enough to think outside the box, and analyze their surroundings with a strong attention to detail and preparedness to learn. The thinker is good with money.

Cons: To be blunt, thinkers just don't have balls. They may have incredible concepts and ideas that can shoot their careers forward, but they are so afraid to actually put those ideas into effect. They will keep coming up with excuses as to why they haven't put their concepts into action yet. Due to the thinkers’ attention to fine detail, they are unable to just simply focus on the bigger picture and get the damn thing off the ground.

Fear is also a big problem for thinkers. They tend to think more of the cons of a situation when moving forward and tend to be afraid to leave everything they know and jump into the vast unknown. Things can go straight to hell with one wrong move and thinkers are well aware of that.

Afraid of what could be, thinkers tend to wait for opportunity or change to happen to them, rather than go after it, which it rarely ever does. Because of this fear, thinkers don’t live up to their potential. Depression can easily run rampant with thinkers, seeing as they never had the courage to take a shot with their ideas and successfully turn them into an accomplishment to be proud of.

The Doer

Pros: The doer is brave, tough, persistent, hard to intimidate, hard working, and generally happier than the thinker.

Cons: If you asked a doer to jump off a cliff after a friend, the doer would gladly oblige without giving thought to any potential sharp rocks down below, how cold the water is or being attacked by some nautical beast.

The doer has the drive to get stuff done but often loses sense of direction, or often makes one wrong move to blow the bridge to the path to success straight to hell, making it much tougher to obtain their goals. Unlike the thinker, the doer can get easily distracted and end up wandering off the path.

Doers will take chances against all odds, and if sh*t hits the fan, they will keep moving forward no matter what. Doers will press on until they permanently wedge themselves between a rock and a hard place and cannot continue further, usually running into some serious financial issues.

So, in order to really be a success, you need the mind of the thinker, but the balls of a doer. You need to have those great clever ideas and a strategy to back it up. You need the drive and determination to get to that goal. You need to be persistent and tough, along with being smart enough to be a step ahead of the obstacles laid before you.

Balance of the heart and mind, and of work and play, is needed to stay grounded in life. If you realize you are either a thinker or a doer, know that it is possible to balance out your qualities. It will take time to break bad habits like most things, but I assure you, it will be worth it.

Top Photo Courtesy: Matan Eshel