The Shortcut To Nowhere

Whether you are just starting out or you are on the road to your goal, the Shortcut to Nowhere applies to you. No matter who you are or what you are trying to accomplish, challenges will arise. The choices you make when they do are what will make or break you.

Every challenge is a new milestone in your journey meant to test your mental, physical and emotional fortitude. They are the true test of how bad you truly want to achieve your goal and if it’s even the right one. Getting started is always the easy part, it's staying the course that proves to be the difficult part for most people.

These challenges should be welcomed and embraced. For if you truly want to accomplish the goal you have set out to achieve, then these hurdles are not setbacks, but rather expected tests. If you are prepared for these tests then getting the result you want is never going to be an issue.

When these challenges do arise, you have to remember the path you set for yourself when you first realized your goal. You may not have sat down and physically drew it out, but if you search within yourself hard enough, you will realize you never had to. It’s been in your mind all along waiting for you to search for it.

If you are strong enough to do this, then you are certainly more than capable of understanding that this was never going to be a short trip, but rather your life’s journey. A journey with many forks in the road that will take you through a game of shoots and ladders that you will never forget.

The path you choose for yourself, you will have to navigate alone. You are a ship in the dark. All you have is your heading and the mindset that you have to stick to in order to reach your destination. The waves will push you off course, but as long as you stay, that course you will inevitably get there.

My suggestion, for whatever it’s worth, is to find solace in the fact that we are all here to take our own individual journeys. When you are struggling, others will be succeeding -- and vice versa, which is why it is useless to measure yours to theirs. All that really matters in the end is that you were brave enough to search on the inside to find the people, experiences and life that you did on the outside.

Brett Goldstein | Elite. Photo Source: The Paper Wall