The Power Of Creativity

by Joe Vennare

It's that feeling that you get when you bring an idea to life. There are few things more powerful than creating something; especially when that something is a product of your own imagination, day dream or brainstorm.

Going from chaos, to concept, to creation is an art form – one that’s not reserved for artists alone; it applies to everyone. Sure, it’s easier to identify the process for the writer, painter or carpenter who crafts a masterpiece. But, what about the entrepreneur, the architect or alchemist who comes up with a solution before others recognize a problem?

Aren’t they artists too?

It doesn’t matter if you start with a blank sheet of paper, a void in the marketplace, or an empty canvas. When you breathe life into a concept that originated in your mind’s eye, you're exercising your inner artist, you’re experiencing what it’s like to be a creative. And, that feeling is exhilarating and addicting.

But, it is also a risk. Especially if you are charting a new course by daring to create something that the world has never seen. We’re left to wonder how our creation will be received and how we will be perceived by others. Despite this hesitation and second-guessing, the truly inspired creators among us share their gift, their art and their passion with the world. While the majority is accepting the status quo, the makers are redefining it and rewriting the rules in the process.

Be warned – choosing to make something new, instead of making do, will be a struggle. The best and brightest innovators and thinkers the world has ever known were once scolded for their creative musings. Today, the works of Vincent Van Gogh sell for millions. But, during his lifetime he only sold two of his 2,000 paintings.

Henry David Thoreau is another example of under-appreciated genius. Nearly unknown during his own life, presently he is widely read and respected. And, for the entrepreneurs among us, prepare to have your concepts criticized. The know-it-alls told Henry Ford that no one needed a car and those same critics told Bill Gates that computers wouldn’t be widely used. Thankfully they didn’t listen to the naysayers.

There will also be an internal battle to be had. At times doubt and pessimism are sure to rear their ugly, unrelenting heads. But, when you battle back and bring your tour de force into being, you’ll begin to realize the power you hold within your hands, head and heart. It’s the makers who change the world, while others are making excuses. Their willingness to assume the risk and embrace uncertainty makes the impossible possible. It also helps us to recognize our own potential, inspiring us to bring our dreams to life.

There are few things that can compare to the power of creativity, but love might have the edge. Or maybe creativity and love exist on the same parallel as one another. Love and creativity are each a whirlwind of emotion. There’s the recognition of potential in an idea or another individual that we just can’t sake.

Whether it’s a person or an idea, we feel compelled to pursue that notion. In pursuing them – or it – we must be true to ourselves and put our heart on the line. While making love or art there are moments of pleasure and pain. Then, in the end – for better or for worse – the pursuit culminates in exhilarating and addictive bliss that always leaves us wanting more.

Joe Vennare | Elite.