The 10 Things We've Learned From Bill Clinton

During his epic tenure, Bill Clinton redefined what it means to be commander-in-chief of the USA. He was an enthusiastic leader who brought down spending and helped this country move forward.

As president we all know there are certain perks you get that are unavailable to others. President Clinton knew his role and made the most of it. Not only did he bend the rules, but he banged them too.

What president do you know has enough swag to take an afternoon break from running America and get some head? Bill had the skills to pull off one of the greatest feats any American can pull off. His down to earth demeanor and smooth talk easily made him one of this country’s most loved men.

Amid scandals and tons of hate from the media, Bill did not fold under pressure and somehow overcame it all to continue his role in politics. I mean can you really be mad at a man for wanting some midday stress relief in his office? These are the 10 Things We’ve Learned From Bill Clinton.

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