The 10 Phrases That Make You Look Weak In The Office

It is no doubt that words are powerful and your choice of words is important when attempting to convey your message.

Everyone judges you on your performance, but also the way you communicate says a lot about you as well. Your choice of words are a key component of persuasive communication. Do you want people working for you because they are forced to or do you want people to enjoy working for you?

Regardless of your audience, it is important that you keep your language consistent, a good leader always uses language that influences people to achieve a goal collectively. Your mission is to compel people to follow your lead.

In the real world there are no second chances, it's cut throat and if you aren't prepared to do the work then know someone else will be. You never want to be second guessed at your job. Make those around you feel like they can confide in you.

Once you are given a task, you want your superiors to feel at ease. Have them know you will get the job done to the best of your abilities and on time. If you weren't capable of doing the work you would have never been hired in the first place.

Don't make yourself look weak. You work in a shark tank and there are always people looking to take you down. To help you get on your way we provided you with a guide of phrases to avoid saying in the office. Here are The 10 Phrases That Make You Look Weak In The Office.

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