Put Down The Smartphone: 7 Times You Should Be Completely Present

We have become go-getting multitaskers, in a world where efficiency and productivity will lead directly to success.

We are assessed in the workplace on our ability to handle a multitude of responsibilities in a short amount of allotted time, and in the business world, rapidly moving behavior is applauded and constantly required.

This stands true in our daily lives, as well. Juggling social plans, home life, personal health and each activity we submerse ourselves in, can become hectic and overwhelming.

Our minds have been tuned to process a number of topics at once, and while this activity fills our bank accounts and packs our schedules, we must never forget to stop and smell the roses. There is an abundance of positivity that can result from being captured by a moment free of distractions.

Certain aspects of our daily lives require and deserve our undivided attention. Specific moments that have become ordinary can bring about emotion and happiness when we just allow ourselves to be fully present.

It is both challenging and enormously rewarding to place all other tasks and responsibilities temporarily aside to whole heartedly focus. The fast lane can forget life’s little gifts, but we can always bring back the simplicity occurring in our surroundings, loved ones and the world itself.

Life isn’t always about earning a promotion or exemplifying a certain outward appearance. Workdays never end, and most of our time will be spent handling multiple ordeals at once.

Thus, what keeps our sanity in balance are the times in life where it’s important and necessary to be guided by our emotions and feelings, and simply enjoy exactly what is being offered.

1. A Family Member's Phone Call

When a loved one calls, listen to his or her words and tone of voice. Someday the phone calls will inevitably end. This moment deserves your appreciation.

Put down your task and find 10 minutes during the day to catch up with whoever is on the other line. If you are too busy, call him or her back at a better time when you can focus, rather than letting words go unheard while you attend to something else.

2. A Good Song

Music is gold when appreciated to the proper degree. Take time to feel the movement and allow your senses to become captivated by the artist’s hard work.

Music is felt by the soul, and when you sit back and listen to each note, each lyric and each rhythm, emotion will surface. Whichever song brings you to this state is deserving of putting down your things and escaping behind the melody.

3. A Concert

Similar to a good song, a concert is a rare excursion simply for joy. Take a few videos to capture the memories, but give social media a rest and become present with the energy around you.

You are, in this moment, surrounded by individuals of the same interest, experiencing an environment illuminated with lights and sound. Enjoy it.

4. Exploring Nature

Taking a walk at night to star gaze and breathe in fresh air can bring about mood-lifting endorphins. Allow nature and the beauty of the world we live in to fill your body with gratitude by igniting your concentration.

Observe the way the sun’s warmth heats your skin, or the sound of leaves crunching as you walk through a September day. Smell freshly cut grass and feel the wind after a storm. Give nature the opportunity to capture your full attention, and in return, appreciate the Earth.

5. A Good Meal

Food is most satisfying when truly enjoyed and not just consumed. Sit down at a table and turn off the TV. Look at the food you have prepared, taste every ingredient and savor each flavor.

Don’t be late for work because you sat in the car to marvel over each granola bar bite, but at the end of a long day or in a nice restaurant, let good food bring you happiness.

6. Helping A Friend In Need

Prioritize. Laundry, errands and personal activities can be temporarily placed on halt when your friend needs assistance. Relationships and human interaction are of the utmost importance, and if your friend needs you there, be 100 percent present.

Listen to him or her and offer yourself wholeheartedly; it will improve any relationship and make the people you love feel important.

7. A First Impression

Extend your hand for a firm shake and look the person directly in the eye. You can tell many things about a person’s behavior, body language and tone of voice during the first meeting, if you only take five minutes to be observant enough.

In contrast, the vibe you extend is being noticed, as well, so make sure it’s genuine and focused.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It